Friday, 1 January 2016

Could Try Harder

I'm a bit torn about 2015 TBH. On a personal level it was a great year full of fun times, and one in which none of that Bad Shit waiting in the wings of every life (yes, every life) was given its cue to lumber onstage. It Was Good. Even if I did start going grey...

Gold star 2015!

But I didn't get enough writing done. For great swathes of time other things took priority. And when I did have time I very very often managed to fuck it up. My procrastination fairy is earning bonuses. And nothing is more unsettling to a writer than not writing, believe me. It is the loose shale undermining a mountain of crazy just waiting to crash down.

I'm less driven as I get older, I know that. I'm less idealistic about the possibility of breaking through to a mass readership (Hah!) but I'm also genuinely lazier, I'm afraid. I used to rely a lot on my inner determination and work ethic to see things through, but alas ... the fuel tanks of Protestant guilt are finally running dry.

I think I may also be having too much good sex to need to write about it any more. What can I say?

Anyway, I'm going to try to turn things around in 2016. I've promised I'll get The Valleys of the Earth out (that's Cover Him With Darkness #2) because quite a few people want to see that.

It's my resolution for 2016.
Fingers crossed!

And here's wishing you all, whether you've made resolutions or not, a very Happy New Year. May 2016 be better than 2015,  that's all any of us can hope for :-)


Jo said...

Whatever about career stuff, if that which drove you to write is now settled enough to be replaced with fun and sex and whatever else you've been feeding yourself with, surely that's a good thing in itself, rather than a demise of a work ethic?

Having said that, what a good resolution! I approve. I resolve to read it when it does come out.

Tabitha said...

I was the same last year - I might try writing more this year but I might not. And that's my best effort at a resolution! ;)
I think more writing from you is a great idea though :) x x x

Janine Ashbless said...

I've been reading a surprising number of confessions these last few weeks from writers who admit they haven't done much recently, for one reason or another. I think there's a lot of shame we carry in secret... not helped by the people who post "5000 words today - time for breakfast", the bastards.

Jo said...

*shakes fist at those people*

... especially that one who also excercises a lot...

Janine Ashbless said...