Friday, 4 December 2015

The wood be good

This is the year a dream of mine came true. We bought a wood!

It's not a big wood - less than 5 acres, which for you American readers out there makes it more an overgrown yard than a woodland, but it has a great mix of trees and there's plenty of work for me to do!

BIG wild cherries

Quite a lot of hazel coppice- I'm still deciding whether or not to restore it or let it grow.

This patch of larch is probably the best camping spot

I will have to learn some fungus identification...

And I want to know if we have a badger sett ... or just the biggest scariest rabbits this side of Efrafa:

A wood never looks its most exciting at this time of year, but rest assured I will now be boring the hell out of you with tree pics all year round ;-)


Jo said...

It looks beautiful. Such a wonderful idea, I'm so glad you have it. Did you say it was 2 hours away? I suppose that's not the end of the world.

D. L. King said...

Amazing! Buying a wood! I repeat: amazing! Enjoy it (yes, I have to use one more exclamation mark)!

Ashen White said...

Awesome pictures, Janine. I love your wood, you lucky girl!

And I haven't heard the term Efrafa since I was a little girl!
May your badgers be badgers and not the Black Rabbit of Inle!

Ashen xxx