Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Chicks with chainsaws

Ice sculptor Anne Marie Taberdo

So I bought a chainsaw (about which, more later). And I bought a Stihl, because it's a good professional workhorse saw that's easy to start and maintain. Stihl are currently running this advert above in magazines like National Geographic, so they are clearly looking for broader female market.

Sadly, this message has not percolated down to all the licensed Stihl retail outlets. When I bought mine (in the Netherlands, to be fair) I was gifted a freebie calendar FULL of women using Stihl powertools, and let's just say they were largely not dressed to recommended Industry Health and Safety standards :-D

Nor were they working very hard

That's really not what you want to wear while trimming your hedge, missus...
On the plus side, it was expensively produced and looked nice

I'm racking my brains to imagine a task that involves both a chainsaw and a tame cheetah
And actually some of the picture were pretty damn epic:

But this is the one I found most aspirational - I mean, who doesn't want to ride around on a grey Arab horse with a chainsaw holster on the saddle, for goodness' sake?

(And just to make it clear, I didn't take any offense. I thought it was just too funny to be offensive .... Also I will keep some of the pictures, ahem.)

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Jo said...

Oh, you should totally do your own calendar :)

I do have to comment, though, that especially the first pic makes it look more like she's waiting to be dismembered with the chainsaw than use it!