Sunday, 27 December 2015

"Sheer prurient bliss" - EftBB Best of 2015!

In a year in which I feel - very guiltily - I have been to some extent faking being an erotica writer (I've subbed as many horror stories as erotica) it is an absolute pleasure to be able to announce that the Libidinous Zombie collection made it onto the list I most covet - Erotica for the Big Brain's Best of 2015!
What a treat! And what a great trick, too; bringing together eight of some of the best—and best known— authors in the business for an anthology of erotic horror that is simply fucking brilliant; highly imaginative, consistently well-crafted, diversely colorful, scary, entertaining, sexy—oh so sexy!— and just plain fun. I suspect that Libidinous Zombie will become part of many readers’ annual Halloween tradition alongside Jack-o-lanterns, candy apples, recitations of Edgar Allen Poe, and a tour through the local haunted house.

Here how my own contribution is reviewed:
Janine Ashbless’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice closes out the collection with an equally-scintillating story about a succubus; this one held captive by a well-heeled occultist. Needless to say, all kinds of horrifyingly orgasmic wackiness ensues when the master foolishly leaves his horny young assistant in charge for a week. Sheer prurient bliss!

Of course you should read the whole review and check out the rest of the Best of 2015 (which includes Richard Raiment's Aphrodite Overboard as featured here on Blue Monday) for your guaranteed reading pleasure!

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