Friday, 4 September 2015

When I'm famous, this will be a collector's item

I have the handwriting of a ten-year-old

I thought I'd show you the sophisticated and extensive planning wot I do for my books. This is the timeline for the first two novellas in the Lover's Wheel quartet -  Summer Seduction and Falling Deep. 

Since the action takes place over a whole year and is intimately tied to the change of the months, the pagan festivals and even (gods help me) the signs of the Zodiac, the timeline's really important. And fiddly! I'm currently writing the last scene for Falling Deep - though it is a long and complex BDSM scene so I'm not quite as close to finishing as I'd like to be.

"Smudge" is the name of my protag's cat. The letter codes at bottom right are shopping discounts for a shoe website. I have no recall whatsover of the significance of the Fifty Shades date.

And the design showing through the back of the scrap paper? It's for a Sami shamanic drum, of course.


Jo said...

Heh, I love your captions. You have the funniest captions.

I finished reading Burning Bright last night, I loved it. Despite the rather minimalist sex time line above, you are absolutely Queen of Plot - it was so well put together, and the ending was the best HEA yet. It's quite old now, is it? Tell me that wasn't one of your first novels!

Ashen White said...

What a fabulous idea - posting your rough notes to show your planning technique.
I might just do that, too! :)

Janine Ashbless said...

Burning Bright was my third book, Jo :-)