Friday, 14 August 2015

Up yours, Freud!

Behold, there shall be no more penis envy! For I have bought a she-wee and no tree is safe!

I've been meaning to buy one for YEARS and finally the prospect of camping has forced my hand, as it were...

Soft plastic, emo colour. I approve.

I'll need to practise writing my name in the snow, mind...


Jo said...

Lol, let me know how it goes. My mother said al fresco weeing always made her feel liberated, I just tend to get myself covered in piss... something tells me this wouldn't actually be any better, but I'm looking forward to hearing about your she-wee adventures! I love your title, btw.

Helen J Perry said...

I would also be interested to have an update on this one.
After 3 children I can no longer just go out and drink coffee, I need to know my proximity to a loo.
To such an extent that I will suffer having a mouth as dry as carpet and life threatening levels of dehydration because once I need to wee, I really need to wee.

An older female relative told me about the she wee when I admitted this problem, after having my twins. But I am not convinced it will do the job and I think I could end up just covered in wee at a time when wee is not the right thing to be wearing.
H x

Janine Ashbless said...

Okay, after field-testing, I have to report that sadly you still have to pull your pants down to expose at least most of your ass, as there just isn't room to get it RIGHT UNDER through a fly or even discreetly pulled knickers. Works best with a long skirt or a coat on, then.

If you can get the angle right, it's waterproof :-) Yay! I met a woman at the festival who told me she loves her she-wee becuase it means she doesn't have to put her clothes on and leave the tent at night - she can just use it to pee into an empty bottle. She just has to do the Walk of Shame in the morning ;-)

NB: The she-wee does not work well if you've been on the Cinnamon Jack Daniels all evening and are falling-over drunk.

Janine Ashbless said...

Helen, they are DEAD cheap - under £2 if you hunt around on ebay etc. Buy one and try it in the shower until you get used to it. What do you have to lose?