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Eyecandy Monday - Sallyanne Rogers guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

This week's excerpt is from Spring in My Step, by Sallyanne Rogers. Don't say we're not cutting edge here in Eroticaland - this novel may be the first time the erotic romance genre has ever been combined with Morris dancing!

When Cath meets Robbie for the first time, she decides to hold back on telling him she’s a Morris dancer who’s about to be featured in a TV programme about contemporary British culture. She’s not expecting more than a one night stand in the first place, so there’s no need to complicate things. However, what started out as a bit of fun looks like it could turn into something more, as the two of them find their mutual attraction too strong to resist.The documentary crew are on the hunt for juicy controversies in the run up to the May Day festival at Waterleigh Bridge, and it seems that Robbie has a secret of his own. If he and Cath find out the truth about one another, will it bring them closer or tear them apart?

‘It’s all right, Cath. I don’t want anything – well, not a drink, anyway. Or are you having one?’

I shook my head. It suddenly occurred to me that, after all the dancing and the excitement, I could actually do with a shower before bed, and I had a sudden mental image of us showering together, so naturally, I shared it with him.

‘Sounds good,’ he said. ‘I’ll wash your back and you can wash… any bit of me you like.’ Once again he was coming out with comments that would have sounded either cheesy or crass from anyone else, and I felt that hot, deep flexing inside my quim again.

‘Come on, then,’ I said and led him through to the bathroom.

Because my flat’s quite small and the bathroom’s very small, I only have a shower: no bathtub. But that does mean it’s quite a big shower, so there was room for both of us, without any uncomfortable bumping of knees and elbows against the door or soap dish catching anyone in the small of the back.

I got the water running before stripping off, to give the slightly moody boiler time to get going, but it didn’t seem very long before we were face to face under the spurting jets, kissing and running our hands over each other’s sleekly wet bodies. Robbie had been half-erect when he took his pants off, and it didn’t take more than a couple of kisses for his cock to be fully hard, rigid and jutting upwards, pushing against my stomach when I wrapped my arms around him. I wriggled gently to and fro, but I knew I wasn’t quite the right height for us to fuck each other standing up. Never mind, there were plenty of other things I could do.

I reached for the bottle of shower gel, hanging on its useful hook, and helped myself to a good dollop of the stuff. It was a citrus-and-something, not so flowery that it would raise eyebrows if the scent of it was still clinging to Robbie’s skin the next day.

‘Lean back,’ I whispered, gently pushing him against the wall and then licking and softly biting his nipples, which had stiffened almost as much as his cock. I rubbed the shaft of it with the shower gel, working up a little lather so my hand could slide easily up and down the length. He groaned, closing his eyes and bracing himself against the tiles. The water streamed and gently pounded over us as I wanked him, speeding up and slowing down, twisting my wrist a little, pumping up and down that hot, pulsing shaft, tense and straining upwards, the head of it bulbous and free of the foreskin.

‘Cath, oh Cath, love, you’re so good at it,’ Robbie gasped, and I worked him a little faster, leaning over to give his left nipple a firm suck, while I used one hand up and down his prick and the other to cup his balls, cradling them in their vulnerable sac of warm, wrinkled skin, feeling them tighten, listening to his ragged breathing.

‘If you don’t stop soon…I won’t be able to…’

‘That’s all right, that’s fine,’ I said, and it was. I wanted to make him come, I wanted him to lose control for me. I knew it wouldn’t be long; I looked up at his face, watched him throw his head back and cry out, and then his cock spasmed in my hand and let loose jet after jet of pearly white seed.

‘Oh, my god. Sorry, love, I just couldn’t hold it,’ he said, straightening up and pulling me against him. He kissed my temple, then put a finger under my chin and lifted my face so he could kiss my mouth, a quick, firm press of his lips to mine. ‘I’ve been thinking about it for days. Ever since last Friday. And I didn’t last two minutes.’

He glanced around for the shower control and switched it off. ‘Can we get into the bedroom and I’ll do something good for you?’

We towelled off quickly and I led him through to my bed, which was barely double-sized, but at that point I really didn’t care. I lay down, and he lay beside me, running one finger slowly over my skin, tracing circles round each of my breasts, working his way up to the tightly-crinkled peak of each nipple then outwards again. It was gorgeous, but torture as well; so tantalizing I could hardly bear it. I spread my legs, almost involuntarily, my hips beginning to push up and my pussy opening for him. He licked my nipples then, circling them with his tongue the way he had been doing with his fingers, and I dug my nails into the bed beneath me. I was so dripping wet now that I thought I must be dampening the sheet.

Robbie made his way down the bed, turning himself carefully until his face was between my thighs. He started to lick me then, his tongue flickering delicately over my clit, his breath hot on my mound. He said nothing more, just licked and licked, holding me open with his hands on my legs, tasting me, scenting me and the tip of his tongue keeping up the intensity of the stimulation. My stomach muscles were quivering, my heart beating so loud I thought the whole of the street could probably hear it, and still he kept on licking, nothing but those dainty little licks, focused entirely on the most sensitive spot, and then I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face against my cunt and came and came and came.

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Helen J Perry said...

4 words that shouldn't go together but do! Morris Dancing & erotic romance

Dancing, socialising, drinking and conflict. Old fashioned sexism and the modern world.
All the mixed up for a good contemporary story.

Janine Ashbless said...

When you put it like that... ;-)

Conflict is what makes for great story, of course!