Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Eroticon 2015

Love THIS :-)
So, another Eroticon has been and gone ... and I had more fun this year than ever before! Well, I gave a talk, so the gigantic tsunami of stress-hormones made for some masochistic thrills as far as I was concerned :-D

Photo by KD Grace - thanks!
And of course I spent the weekend with a whole bunch of truly wonderful people - familiar faces ...

KD Grace and Zak Jane Keir rockin' those black lanyards

Ashley Lister and Molly Moore. Apologies for blowing the highlights in this photo, Molly ;-)

... and new friends too, some of whom I was not allowed to photograph. SQUEEEEES to Girl on the Net, F Dot Leonora, Horny Geek Girl and many others! I spent a lot of Saturday night with Emily and Wendy and it was brilliant fun: thanks for hanging out with me!

The mystery of why things got all pink and blurry on Saturday night might be solved by these pics:

Salted caramel popcorn is the best flavour , take my word

There were as usual great presentations - and of course the famous Practical BDSM Demonstrations:

I got to try cupping, thanks to the lovely Molly and Michael:


Yes, I had a bruise next day!

But I did not try this:


I had SUCH a good time :-)
It feels like a real community of friends now, and I'm totally looking forward to next year.

Thank you Ruby for all the awesome!

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K D Grace said...

Thanks for the lovely post and pics! Brings back such wonderful memories. Each year just gets better. LOVED your talk on writing fantasy and fairy tales. I came home with lots of great ideas. As always, so lovely to see you!

KD x