Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Where Genres Collide

Want to be the VERY FIRST to hear me read from Cover Him with Darkness?  Well, there is a new Super Relaxed Fantasy Club being set up in Yorkshire, and their first pubmeet is in York on the 2nd of August.
Through some bizarre fluctuation in the quantum probability field, I am one of the two reading authors that day! (The other being David Tallerman) And there will be a Q&A!

Cleis have kindly sent me an ARC copy so that I look slightly professional

Heaven knows what fantasy fans will make of my work ... I suspect I may have to elide some of the smutty bits since it is an open meeting ;-)

So anyway, ALL welcome - there will be a free raffle for cool prizes (books, I suspect). I would totally love to see you guys there if you could make it. Yorkshire needs more smut geeks!

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mangozoid said...

And we look forward to seeing you too! Smut geeks ahoy... ;-)