Friday, 18 July 2014

Melusine - the spoilers

I posted an excerpt from my latest published story Melusine on Monday ... but I will readily admit it's really not clear that this is definitely a paranormal story. In fact the only clue is the name in the title, which you may or may not know, gentle reader.

The tale is medieval, and European rather than British.

I was only only vaguely aware of the Melusine fairy tale myself, until my flying day-trip to Luxembourg in 2012 - because there she is counted as a (pseudo)historical figure, the wife of the reputably historic Count Siegfried (922-998 CE), and is credited with magically creating the Bock castle overnight.

Still standing, in portions

It is said that Melusine can still sometimes be spotted swimming about in the river, in either human or serpent form.

I'd been waiting to write about her ever since that day. And when the call popped up to write a long short story for Sweetmeats Press with the theme "drenched" ... well, that was my chance!

The story in its simplest form is that a nobleman marries a beautiful fairy maiden, but she agrees only on condition that she gets to spend one day of the week on her own. He must not intrude on her solitude that day, nor must he ever ask her what she's up to.

Of course, many years (and several children) later, curiosity gets the better of him and everything goes to pieces. It always does in stories - see Cupid and Psyche, or Bluebeard, for example.

It was an chance for me to write a rare female-dominant story and, even rarer, one about a married couple with a full - and filthy - relationship.

 Melusine is available NOW as an e-book

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It is part of the collection Drenched from Sweetmeats Press, also available in e-form and soon to be released in paperback:
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