Friday, 11 July 2014


Look at all those tall people heading toward Stage 1. Grrrr...

Well, since I spent two days at the Sonisphere metal festival this week (I slept through most of Sunday, I admit!),  I thought I'd post some pics.

"I don't normally drink this much beer, you understand?"

Sonisphere (a.k.a. Knebworth) is a lot of fun provided you can manage the 45minute hike from the carpark to the arena. There was much beer in cunning carriers:

There was much food:

Massive carbohydrate blow-out! YAY!!
There was crumpet:

Hahaha! Hey - it was served by very nice ladies in corsets.

 There were WW1 dogfights:

And if you are taller than approx 5'8" - which I am not - there were also apparently some live bands playing!

"Is something happening up there?"

Actually, I could see the big screens most of the time, which helped a lot. THEY SHOULD BUILD STAGES HIGHER UP.
I enjoyed Limp Bizkit best, but also the reinvented re-metalled Gary Numan:

And Iron Maiden:

And - to my surprise - Babymetal, who are insanely energetic and truly impressive as a live act.

They don't sound as screechy, either
But rest assured I am old enough that I still thought The Prodigy were overrated rubbish ("All their songs sound the same!")  and I went off for a wee and a nice cup of tea mid-set instead :-)


Jo said...

Aw, all looks great. And YOU, Ms Sexy!

Janine Ashbless said...

Beer goggles ;-)