Monday, 21 July 2014

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment. Today's excerpt is a special guest snippet from the redoubtable billierosie.  Warning - billierosie writes erotic stories and thoughtful blog-posts that are transgressive and challenging - this excerpt is consensual but, in the genre parlance, "nasty": First of all I'll let her introduce it herself:

"I am so pleased and happy to announce that my new book is out! Fetish Transcendence; the dark side of desire. The new collection of erotica from billierosie. Twelve stories; each story celebrating the magical, mystical diversity of human sexual experience. Those secrets and lies that we keep well hidden; that we dare not admit to ourselves, but make their presence felt through our fantasies and dreams. Dark desires that arouse in the heat of the night when our darker side cannot help but give in.
    There’s a potpourri of fetish within these pages; it’s a collection that will impress the connoisseur of erotic fiction and the new reader, whose only experience of erotica is Fifty Shades of Grey…You’ll find Dominants and their submissives in strange, unexpected places in Fetish Transcendence. The opening tale tells of Freddie, the security guard in an exclusive London store, who has a very creative way of dealing with shoplifters..." 

Freddie grinned down at the elegantly dressed lady kneeling between his big, polished shoes. Her previously perfectly coiffed ash blonde hair was sticky with his spunk. Spunk drooled from between her lips mingling with the tears and snot that messed up what had been, a perfectly made up face, glowing with expensive cosmetics. Rivulets of brown mascara ran down her cheeks. Her pink lipstick was smudged beyond the exquisitely drawn line of her lip giving her a slutty appearance. Freddie glanced down at his softening cock, at the ring of pink pearlescent lipstick that encircled what had been an impressive erection.

And what a spectacle it had been. Her upper class lips stretched around his cock as he jammed it into her throat. His big hands gripping either side of her head as he fucked her face. His fingertips digging into her scalp. Freddie knew he was hurting her. He didn’t care. The little gurgling, choking sounds that she had made had been a bonus. He should have picked up his mobile phone and photographed the event: he would next time.

She pushed her large tits back inside her brassiere. Freddie had ordered her to display them before deciding whether to masturbate on them or to use her mouth. He had chosen her mouth. He wondered if she had ever deep throated a guy before. The way she gagged and spluttered as his large cock had raped her throat made him think that it was her first time. Freddie loved it when that happened. A virgin throat. He felt an unexpected tenderness. But only briefly. Freddie pulled out in time to splatter her tits, hair and face as well. She buttoned up her cream silk blouse with trembling immaculately manicured fingers.

Freddie needed to piss and he aimed his cock to splatter her face as he emptied his bladder. He wiped his cock on her hair before zipping up.

Her humiliation was complete. He had used her mouth as a receptacle for his spunk, with no more attention to her than if she had been a basin or a bucket for his ejaculation. He’d used her expensive face as a urinal. She stank like a urinal too. Served her right, thought Freddie.

He wondered if shoplifting had been on her agenda when she’d left her home that morning. Probably not. The attempted theft of the beautiful silk Paisley scarf: the exotic design for which Freddie’s store was so famous, had the feel of an impulsive action. She had simply draped it casually around her slender shoulders thinking that it would not be noticed. The vibrant exotic purples and greens had been set off perfectly by the elegant simplicity of her navy blue Chanel suit and certainly, Freddie wouldn’t have realised the theft had he not watched her do it.

He kicked her growling at her to get up and she yelped as he ordered her out of his office. He was finished using her and her hiccupping sobbing was beginning to get on his nerves. Her shoes had fallen off in her eager scramble to get to his thick cock. Once she had realised that the opportunity of redemption was at hand, there had been no stopping her and she had gobbled and slurped him into her mouth.

She had begged him not to call the police, pleading with him in her cut glass accent, that she would do anything, anything at all. She was meeting her husband for a luncheon appointment: she mustn’t be late.

 Her posh voice grated on his ears. And as if her upper class, well-bred accent hadn’t been enough to irritate him, the fact that she’d called it “luncheon” infuriated him. Posh bitch. Posh snivelling bitch. But Freddie loved her pleading it made his huge cock harder than ever and he had strung out her begging long enough for her to approach hysteria.

Freddie imagined her trembling and quivering through her luncheon appointment. He hoped that her husband would appreciate the carefully aimed stains and the stink. When he had first collared her she had smelled expensive. Now he’d shot his load over her she smelled of expensive perfume mingled with Freddie’s spunk and piss.

Yes Freddie loved shoplifters. He wasn’t fussy if they were male or female. If anything the men were more fun because they showed greater resistance to Freddie’s extreme version of redemption. But they always capitulated in the end. Never once had a male shoplifter demanded that Freddie call the police to arrest him. Sucking on Freddie’s big cock was preferable to a night in the cells, and an appearance in Court the next morning. So Freddie’s cock got a lot of male attention these days. But it was the humiliation that Freddie loved most of all. To say that the men especially were totally out of their comfort zone was an understatement of astronomical proportions. Freddie never analysed his predilection. Why would he bother?

It was always a bit of a disappointment to Freddie when he discovered that one of his detainees was gay. He didn't think that a gay guy would find sucking cock much of a challenge. He felt that the blow job lacked a certain frisson. But a blow job though was still a blow job.

Where can billierosie take you from there? Well ...
"Lovers, Allen and Clara elope, but there are dangers on the road to the little church where they can legally marry. In Fruits de Mer you’ll learn of Josiah’s exotic, erotic taste for les moules, while in Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Moonstone, Sherlock Holmes and Watson solve yet another intriguing mystery through the powerful force of outrageous sex.
    One dirty phone call precipitates another in Touch, while in Body Swap, Simon and Clarice turn their unique, extrasensory gift to their advantage; love and lust carries them through the generations. They have no fear of the tomb; they have defeated death itself.
     The rocky road to attaining sanctity is told through a terrible, sacrilegious confession to Father Abraham. It’s a confession of an abomination; an unspeakable sexual perversion that threatens the immortal soul.
    The heat of the crowd generates its own dark mood of erotica. There’s hardly any room to breathe let alone move. It’s hot and sweaty. Someone presses up close behind you; too close. You know exactly what is going on but you are powerless to stop it; to do anything about it. You can’t even turn around to confront your violator. Poor Julia! Will she ever get over the humiliation?
    And there’s a holiday romance; a romance with a difference for this submissive male and the Dominant woman who knows how he can achieve real pleasure.
    The two final tales tell of Anastasia; the lucky lady who inherits millions. You’d think she would be happy, but there is Marcus whom she adores, but who doesn’t want her. And driving the narrative there is a diary. A piece of pornography that teaches Anastasia about a long ago sexual awakening – an awakening worthy of the Marquis de Sade himself."
Fetish Transcendence is available an e-read at Amazon UK : Amazon US


billierosie said...

OMG! Did I really write that? I'm blushing! Thanks so much for posting this Janine...Fetish Transcendence is a collection I had fun putting together...nearly as much as writing the stories...

What compels me to write such stuff? I've no idea! Ask Freud...ask Jung! But I'll continue with my tales as long as I have fun writing them and as long as my readers enjoy them...and there's more to come!

Janine Ashbless said...

You're one of the very few "quality" erotica writers that can make me feel nervous as a reader, billierosie! I like that! :-D

Thanks so much for taking part in Blue Monday! xxx said...

Coming from you Janine, that's a huge compliment! I was reading and admiring your stuff long before I began to write my own. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show off here...and I'm kinda pleased my writing makes you nervous!