Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My shame revealed

Here it is.

And here, laid bare for all the world to see:

Yes, I bought a Kindle.

I've been downloading books for a while onto my PC. Research for my novel, and erotica on irresistible special offer, mostly. The thing is, I do not read on the PC. I just don't. I read on the toilet, and in bed, and occasionally on the sofa, but put me in front of a web-connected PC and I can't concentrate.

Bad Janine.

So at last I said "soddit" and bought an e-reader, which means that once again I can take my research and my erotica into the loo with me. Huzzah! Interestingly, I have bought more books since this purchase than probably in the entire previous year.

I'm afraid the very first one I read through on my new toy, though, was George Takei's Oh Myyy!(There goes the internet).

And the really great thing is, I still download stuff onto my PC and it just APPEARS ON MY KINDLE BY MAGIC!!  I'm a wizard!

(The Alice cover, by the way, was made by Klevercase and I bought it here. I love it to bits. I may love it more than the actual Kindle. I did struggle a bit choosing between Alice and a classic Dracula cover!)


Annemarie said...

Shiny! And the cover is gorgeous. I have to keep myself away from Etsy, otherwise I'd spend far too much on e-reader bling.

(Also, must get the George Takei book -- didn't know it existed until just now.)

Jo said...

Ha :) Nice. Just remember to back up all your books, in case evil Amazon take a notion to grab them all back form you and close your account, like happened to that woman in Norway.

Hmm, Norway. Have you been to Scandinavia, Janine? Don't you want to go?

Janine Ashbless said...

Hi Annemarie

The Takei book is a nice fun read - it's not a biography, but more about his adventures on facebook. He is the world's naughty gay uncle ;-)

Janine Ashbless said...

Jo, I've been to Oslo. It would be great if they didn't CLOSE EVERYTHING DOWN WHEN IT GETS DARK - which in winter is about 2pm! We spent one afternoon wandering around an Oslo park in the pitch black because there was nothing else open. Weird.

Harper Eliot said...

I love the cover so much! Have to admit, I'm edging more and more towards wanting an eReader myself, but I think while I'm still studying, I'll stick to real books, so I can scribble all over them and make them look really used.

But… that cover makes such a good case for buying one… mm…

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh Harper: E-readers ... you know you're going to break sooner or later!

Having a Proper cover does help though!

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