Friday, 12 April 2013


It's here - clocking in at a respectable 1 lb and 14.2 ounces, my bouncing baby hardback copy of Geek Love! How I adore it - from its cute little contents page to its lovely little Kickstarter credits!

And of course I will bore you all with baby pics, as is my right:

What a pretty face!

It's got its daddy's eyes...

And its mommy's, um, mouth ...
It's got its endpapers from Uncle Lee and its pin-up from Auntie Jen
 But I am particularly proud of p102:

And, seriously, it's got my arse...

If you didn't back the Kickstarter, you can of course still buy the e-book
 (PDF version recommended)


Chris said...

I should have recognised the stamp. That photo is bad-ass and fabulous ass, both at the same time.

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you!

(credit to Leafturner Photography, of course)