Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sale - No Running, No Petting

Do you remember signs around public swimming pools with lists (or pictures) of things you weren't supposed to get up to? No running, no eating, no smoking, no bombing  (In case that doesn't translate, that's jumping into the pool in a tucked-up foetal position in order to make a huge splash. It was sort of assumed that high explosive did not feature in anybody's leisure plans) and ... no petting. Well, I'm pleased to be able to announce that my sex-in-the-hotel-pool short story No Running No Petting has been chosen to head up the forthcoming Xcite anthology Foreign Affairs: erotic seductions in exotic locations.

No Running, No Petting is a naughty, sun-kissed m/m/f romp with bouncing bikinis and bulging trunks. I must have been in an uncharacteristic mood when I wrote it! But I love holiday trips abroad - they make me happy and excited. In fact I've got one coming up soon, so there's a smile on my face right now . . .

Full line-up:

No Running, No Petting - Janine Ashbless
Comrades On A Train  -  Z Ferguson
Lucky Lucy -   Jenna Bright
New Orleans When It Rains -  Maxim Jakubowski
Gulliver On Lilipussia  -  John McKeown
The Warmth Of His Touch  - Viva Jones
The Invitation  -  Maria Lloyd
The Oregon Trail  -  Landon Dixon
Escape  -  Clarice Clique
Burning Woman  -  L A Fields
French Kissing -   Josie Jordan
An Argentinian Tango  -  Troy Seate
Romanesque  -  O’Neil De Noux
From Bradford To Bollywood  -  Victoria Blisse
Only In Vegas  -  Elizabeth Coldwell
Local Delicacy  -  Mariella Fairhead
Maya Gold  -  Catelyn Cash
The Liberation Of Paris   - Sylvia Lowry
Après-Ski Adventure  -  Peter Baltensperger
Reunion  -  Kate J Cameron

Foreign Affairs will be released in June 2012 in the UK, just in time for summer, and September in the US - just in time for going back to work ;-)


Jeremy Edwards said...

Impressive lineup! (And impressive lead byline!)

My favorite pool-sign "don't" was always "no horseplay." Horseplay just sounds like fun, though we can certainly keep away from the pool when indulging in it. I imagine it involves pantomime horses chasing each other around and play-wrestling.

Janine Ashbless said...

Heh - your imaginary horseplay is so totally Jeremy, Jeremy!

Mine involves centaurs. I should stop right now.