Friday, 6 April 2012

Named and Shamed - the blurb

Or "cover copy" as I believe we say when we are being genteel.

Anyway, it's officially out: the first glimpse of the actual plot for Named and Shamed:

Once upon a time, a naughty girl called Tansy stole a very precious manuscript from a kindly dealer of antiques. Tansy is a six-foot, ultra-busty, sexually adventurous, auburn-haired siren. How could our gentle antiquarian possibly be expected to resist her charms? But there is much more at stake than a few sheets of parchment. All of the world’s ancient and powerful magic, lost for centuries, has returned — and the world is now a very different place. If our antiques dealer does not get his manuscript back…he will die.

When Tansy realises what she’s done, she knows she must return the manuscript. There’s only one problem: She doesn’t have it anymore. As luck would have it, a roguish musician offers to help Tansy retrieve the contraband. If Tansy doesn’t get the document, it will cost a man his life. But if Tansy does get the document, the musician’s price could be very high indeed…

Thus begins a rude and rugged fairytale the likes of which would NEVER have been read to you when you were little! Poor Tansy is led though the most pleasurable trials and the most shameful tribulations as her quest unfolds before her. Orgasmic joy and abject humiliation are laid upon Tansy in equal measure as she straddles the two worlds of magic and man.

From debauched dryads to oversexed ogres, fantasy and BDSM slither together to make Named & Shamed the consummate adult fable – all lusciously illustrated by Florian Meacci. Immerse yourself in this dark and depraved fairytale, and may all your endings be happy ever after! 

Heh. Can you tell it's not aimed at a female/romantica audience?
But that's fair warning. With Named and Shamed I turned off my inner censor. I've gone places and explored kinks that I've never even touched in my writing. And there's a big emphasis on the "shame" side of things; public exhibitionism and humiliation is what turns Tansy on.

It's very very dirty. I shocked myself writing this! So hold on to your hats :-)
Release date? We don't know, but it's VERY SOON - it's gone to layout.

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