Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Making Mischief

Today is the official Mischief Books launch day - happy birthday Mischief! - and I'm delighted to be able to mark it personally with an interview up on their blog.

(The Mischief Blog is run by the inestimable Rachel Kramer Bussel, by the way. How great is that?!)

Mostly I'm talking about Red Grow the Roses, of course, and sexy vampires in general. Rachel was quick to spot the touches of humour in what is a relatively dark book. I'm glad of that!

Now if I could only learn to write "Mischief," instead of "Mischeif" EVERY blinking time, I'd be laughing...

My other appearances at Mischief* to-date:

The Auction, in Shameful Thrills: girls who should know better
Issues and Returns, in Exposure: those who love to watch and be watched

And I can also let you know that I may well be appearing in this anthology too :-)

* yes, I did it again. Kicks self.

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