Thursday, 29 March 2012

Freedom! . . . sort of

I just finished my second short story this month ... which means I have HIT EVERY DEADLINE I have for this year! Wahaaaay!

Things to do, now that I'm not racing to get novels, stories or edits in:

1) Mow the lawn

2) Sort out the heap of filing and junk mail that's been accumulating on the floor for 6 months (at least).

3) Redecorate the bathroom

4) Write a new book :-)


Kat Black said...

I vote you jump straight to number 4, Janine!

Chris said...

I think you deserve at least *one* day off all of that stuff.

Fulani said...

I know that feeling... I still have the last chapter of a novel, two story collections, two or three short stories (I can't remember exactly how many!) and a novella to do, but we moved house a few months ago and I need to spend at least part of the weekend unpacking some of the still-unopened boxes in the spare room so it can become a proper guest room/playroom!

Janine Ashbless said...

Well, I've taken a few days off actually. Not even looked at my mail, Heh.

A guest/playroom is a total delight, Fulani - I hope you make wonderful use of it!