Sunday, 4 March 2012

Issues and Returns - out now

I've been waiting years for the excuse to use this picture on my blog!

And now I have my chance, because my story Issues and Returns (see what I did there?) is available from Mischief press, in their e-anthology Exposure: those who love to watch and be watched. It's all about a library assistant in a university library (I wonder where I got that idea, ahem) who gets up to naughtiness among the stacks. Despite my pic, Kelly isn't actually a nymphomanic ... just bored out of her mind by her miserable bloody job.

(No actual resemblance to any of my past employment history intended. Honestly. You believe, me, don't you?)

"The highlight of my day was morning coffee, because if it was a staff member’s birthday she’d bring in packs of biscuits to share round. Seriously, that was the most exciting part of the working day."

I'm not going to post a proper excerpt on this blog because there's a great big one already over on the Mischief page for your reading pleasure. Enjoy - but remember to keep the noise down!

Buy at Mischief : Amazon US : Amazon UK

(NB: You do not need a Kindle to read Amazon e-books. Download the app to read on PC or phone)


Jeremy Edwards said...

Fabulous excerpt! My library card was on my desk while I read it, and I think it's melted.

Janine Ashbless said...

OH NO! No library card!! I'm so sorry!

Heh - my local library has installed these new machines where you scan your chosen books in and out on your own. Just like the self-checkouts at the supermarket, they NEVER work first time. I approach them with terror.

Chris said...

Love those glasses.

Janine Ashbless said...

I like the fact that he is still clinging to his book. He's not going to let someone else sneak off with it, just because he's being ravished by a red-hot nympho librarian, oh no!