Friday, 2 March 2012


Well, yeah, it's possibly a bit late to register now, as it's on tomorrow. So that's where I'm spending my weekend (Yes, driving up and down the M5 to Bristol). I'm excited!

Eroticon is a new workshop/networking/talking-ourselves-into-a-panic event for erotica writers and sex-bloggers ... which is an interesting combination really. In my (limited) experience the overlap between people who write fiction about red-hot sex, and people whose real lives are racy enough to sustain a regular blog about it, is ... not broad. We writers may have our moments. But if we had too many of them we'd be too tired (and too self-satisfied) to actually write, I suspect!

So, it's going to be interesting. There's going to be a TV crew there, I believe. And there will be wine and food and quite possibly a little bit of discussion about Paypal.

See you there, if you're coming!


Fulani said...

Hope it goes well, and have a good time! I'm afraid I won't be there: I took a raincheck on the fee, the cost of travel and accommodation, and more importantly my imminent deadlines, and decided it wasn't doable.

I'd be interested to see what people make of the PayPal thing. I've had a discussion with one US publisher whose view is that if erotica is going to be treated the same way as online porn videos, who've already had to deal with this for several years, they'll just embrace that and are discussing with an adult company whether it's viable to open up a shop on their website or at least using the same financial processing. Plus another small publisher has already proofed their financial arrangements against all this and is actively seeking to distribute self-publishers whose work has been 'banned' due to the PayPal rules.

I could say more about the original libertarian vision of PayPal and how it was lost when the first CEO left, the company went mainstream and Ebay bought it out, but I guess that's all old news now.

My personal view is that the coming thing will be P2P transactions via virtual currency - this has been around for almost a decade already and the PayPal issue could be a nudge towards making it more popular.

Hopefully some summaries of workshop sessions etc. will appear online after the event!

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh what a pity - it'd have been great to meet you, Fulani.

Hopefully I will post Eroticon pics and stuff later!

Emerald said...

Have a fabulous time! I enjoyed the conference here in the states last September so much—awesome to know there's a similar one going on there too. Wish I could attend! :)

Janine Ashbless said...

OMG, I just got filmed talking nonsense by Channel 4! Not quite as brave though as Kay Jaybee, who gave an interview to tabloid newspaper The Sun!

I wish I'd got to the US one last year, Emerald - maybe next time...

Fulani said...

I saw a brief piece in The Guardian that compared the UK to France, where well-known authors occasionally dip into erotica and get serious reviews from quality papers for it. But nothing from The Sun or Channel 4 about you so far!