Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Madelynne's Advent Calendar: a gift from me

The delectable Tim Minchin, as if you couldn't tell.

Are you looking forward to Xmas too? Madelynne Ellis is looking forward to it so much that every day this month she has been posting an Advent Treat on her blog - excerpts, free reads, giveaways and eyecandy - all much less fattening than a piece of cheap chocolate (unless you follow some of the mouthwatering recipes, nomnom).

And today her advent calendar treat is an excerpt from my current Work in Progress: The King's Viper.  Woooo! I've never actually posted an excerpt from an unfinished work before, and it makes me a bit nervous, but that's probably just superstition...

Anyway, please do go over to her blog and enjoy! (I hope!)


Madelynne Ellis said...

I'm having lots of fun with the advent calendar even if the organisation makes my head ache. I'm so pleased you let me post your first wip extract. Wheeee!

Craig Sorensen said...

I've only posted a couple of excerpts from WIPs myself. One of them was for a short story that got rejected.

I'm not blaming the excerpt, though.

Janine Ashbless said...

There shouldn't technically be a difference between a bit of a WiP and a bit of a comleted project. But it just feels different! It's like "Look what's going on in my head... right now ... before I've had time to think better of telling you..."

Madeline Moore said...

I'd walk a mile for a free piece of you, Janine. If I had the moolah my erotica collection would be bigger. Scratch that, my erotica collection, which I'd like to SELL, must get smaller, but my NEW EROTICA collection would be much bigger.
I'm off to ME's blog to have a wee read now.
xoxo Mad