Monday, 13 December 2010

Eyecandy Monday

And this week I am downing tools, abandoning paintbrushes, swearing off DIY warehouses (oh the pain of withdrawal!), ignoring the huge pile of dirt which is my home ... and spending the week writing. I aim to get the first draft of The King's Viper finished before Xmas. I'm not putting money on it, mind, but I am aiming.

Sex sex sex. That's all I'm going to be thinking about  :-)

See - I haven't even noticed that wallpaper in the background of the picture above...


Craig Sorensen said...

Ah, back to the important stuff.

Write on!

And thanks for sharing the very sexy picture.

Danielle said...

yes! get it on writer girl!!!

hm...x´cuse me but that is one ugly ass...maybe it looks just ugly becaus ethe girl spreads it so weirdly but...well..look at the wallpaper!!!

Kat said...

Well, there's certainly no papering over that crack, is there?

Enjoy your week of getting down and dirty.I'm jealous - still no bathrooms, kitchen, flooring or heating on my build (supposed to be done for Christmas!), so no time at all for the writing of smut >:(

Jo said...

Ahahahahaha, Kat, nice!!

Go Janine Go!

I got your card and my underthing today, speedy! Thank you very much and sorry for being too lazy/busy to mail you properly to say so!

I have Christmas card plans, I do, I do, I just .. don't know when they'll happen.

Janine Ashbless said...

A straw-poll here of 5 returns the verdict that it is a "perfectly fine butt" (3 men) and "a good butt" (both women) so you are outvoted Danielle! (Or maybe you have higher standards over in Germany, in which case I say: Show Us Your Asses!)

Oh Kat, I feel your building pain! Fingers cross for heating for Xmas at the very least!

Jo, you've had my first and possibly only Xmas card this year!

Madeline Moore said...

Oh Janine I'm so happy for your reno and writing plans. I had a rather rough weekend which I've turned into a piece on writers needing love and acceptance from their friends and families. I hope you and other writers will give it a boo and see if I hit the nail on the head or I'm wide of the mark.

Ooo. Hit the nail on the head = construction metaphor. wide of the mark reminds me of that ass crack everyone is commenting on. Me? I like the picture. I even like the wallpaper.

Janine Ashbless said...

I might like the wallpaper, depending on what colour it is. Oh ... Aargh! You're distracting me from the sex, Madeline!