Monday, 27 December 2010

Eyecandy Monday

Hold your jaws - they are about to drop off.

I picked this version to show you because although there are other videos of these two brothers out there, in most of them they wear bodystockings. And I can't help but feel that tiny briefs and gold paint add something to the astonishing spectacle.

Oh, and please don't download Chrome.


Jo said...

Hmm. I downloaded Chrome ages ago but I never use it. What's the story?

Impressive shiny men, I must say. I liked my flagpole guy better somehow though - they make it look as hard as it is!

Danielle said...

i donwloaded chrome by accidnet ages ago..never used it and erased it again....

ah that song..conquest of paradise??? remind sme of siomething long ago..but i dont remember right now

Janine Ashbless said...

I've got a couple of friends with Chrome and when they try linking to this blog, it tells them the site doesn't exist. If you try three or four times (typing the URL manually) you finally get here, but then half my sidebar links to other smutblogs don't work. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I suspect a censorship layer built in and hidden.

Danielle said...

well..censorship..reminds me of the one time in the airport when i tried to look up something on my own homepage through a public pc station and it didnt let me in with the words: this page will not be on display. censorship due to lesbian contents.

Janine Ashbless said...

Wow. Homophobic as well as prudish.

Yet I bet they sold skin mags in the airport shop.