Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sweet Love: great news

Whoop! - the Sweet Love anthology has won GOLD PRIZE at the Independent Publisher Book Awards, for BEST EROTICA COLLECTION 2010! Champagne and spankings all round, guys!

And just to ice the celebration cake, it is now on sale in the UK.  In fact it's not officially out until tomorrow, but Amazon is shipping it already and there's only a single copy left in stock at time of writing ... though more on the way so, like, don't panic, Brits.

Sweet Love: an anthology of couples trying some very kinky, scary, sexy things, edited by Violet Blue. My story Jump or Fall?: ideal for people who like sexy gymnnasts, first-time nerves, and dangerous secrets.

There's a review of the anthology over on Erotica Revealed, and it singles out Jump or Fall? for special mention:

"In another exceptional story, "Jump or Fall?" by Janine Ashbless, the female narrator is far from bored with her fellow-performer in an acrobatics act. On the contrary, she finds him intriguingly hard to read:       

Blayne is a locked box and I don't have the key.
Izzy the narrator pushes Blayne for a closer relationship until he tries to warn her away from him:

He grins without any amusement.  "There's this thing I do. It's. . . a part of my life. It doesn't come as an optional extra. And it's not something you'd be at all happy with."
Izzy is still intrigued. She can't be sure she would enjoy the same kinks that Blayne can't live without, but she also knows she is interested enough to "jump" into a new act which enables her to discover a side of herself she has been afraid to acknowledge. These two characters seem made for each other, and their performances together are integral to their relationship."

Wohoo! I'm in an award-winning collection! And Violet included me in her list of "legendary erotica heavy-hitters," - lol!
(Don't worry, I'm not taking that seriously.)

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Jo said...

Ohhhh yes you are :)

Nice work! Lovely to see :)

Danielle said...

you better take that seriously young lady..whip sound*

because you are..awsomely good..:-)

Chris said...

It's still good though, whether you take it seriously or not.

Many gratz

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm with Chris in this one. You don't qualify for legendary until people outside the blogosphere have heard of you.
But I am happy.

Janine Ashbless said...

Also, Groupies. How can I be legendary when I have no fit, young Groupies?

Jeremy Edwards said...


Also, Groupies. How can I be legendary when I have no fit, young Groupies?

Oh, you have them. You just never see them because we old groupies always shove them aside whenever you emerge from your limousine. We old groupies are kind of ruthless that way.

Kat said...


P.S. Haven said...

Kick ass! Congrats, Janine!
And I second what Jeremy said. Count me among your old ruthless groupies.

Liz said...

I'll be your groupie :D

Definately a legend in my world!

Janine Ashbless said...

I have old ruthless groupies! How awesome!
*HUGE grin*
Thank you, all!

Madeline Moore said...

old toothless groupies? Hmmm.
Oh, ruthless. that's better.
Well done Janine! I'm happy for you.