Monday, 3 May 2010

Eyecandy Monday

Oh, to be sat on the edge of that bed!

A small aside - with not even the most tenuous link to the picture, alas:
Advance copies of the forthcoming Fairy Tale Lust anthology have gone out to reviewers, including members of Amazon Vine. The idea is that positive advance reviews will help get the book moving when it is officially released. Vine members are ordinary people who volunteer to put up reviews on Amazon in exchange for free books, and frankly - given that they are not as a group erotica fans, as evinced by their collective bafflement when faced with the books of other fine authors in the past - I'm cringing at the thought of how they will react to an anthology I'm in. But then, lookie here at this paragraph from Michelle R's (5-star!) review:

"Sleep Tight by Janine Ashbless. I very much liked the way this read, the narrative voice, and was drawn in from the first paragraph. The author did a terrific job writing a story that engaged the senses and would have been interesting even without the erotica. I know this, because after two pages and before the actually Sleeping Beauty theme kicked in full force, I'd all ready purchased three more titles by this author. Thank you, Kindle."

Holy peer-reviewed literature, Batman! After two pages?! Three more books?!

Which (besides leaving me gobsmacked with delight) points out one of the reasons, if you're a writer, that you should be getting short stories out there, not just concentrating on novels.

(Michelle's whole story-by-story review)
Pre-order Fairy Tale Lust on Amazon US : Amazon UK


Jo said...

Kewl :)

You are very good you know, Janine :)

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm like every other author, so far as I know: some days I think my writing is pretty good, and some days I think it's just complete dreck!

Writers: they is mad.

Jo said...

Well, it's no wonder. It's like making money from pieces of your soul.

Kat said...

What do you mean 'sat on the edge'... That fabulous five star review must have left you stunned coz otherwise how could you resist diving right IN there?

Kat (on one of those damned dreck days)

Janine Ashbless said...

Ah Kat, I feel for you. Me too, today.

But you're so right about wanting to dive on in there. Even if I would be superfluous to requirements!

neve black said...

I want to be the stuff in the middle of that sandwhich. Mmmmm...yum.

Congratulations on that stunning review, Mrs. Ashbless. :-)