Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dogs Don't Bake

My greyhound Caspian has a cut foot and can't go out for walks. So on Friday morning (it would have to be a day I was rushed off my feet, wouldn't it?) I walked the others and left him at home. When I got back this is what I found.

That's a bag of caster sugar, a bag of self-raising flour and a bag of chopped dates. I think he got bored all by himself and decided to raid the pantry and bake a cake. He clearly had some idea of the ingredients he wanted, but his technique let him down.

Here he is looking depressed by his lack of cooking prowess:


Danielle said...

awww.that poor other dog race can look so sad and depressed ..sigh*

makes me wanna hug him...did i really wrote that out public..that i want to hug a depressed dog????

Craig Sorensen said...

He's thinking, "damn. If only I had an opposable thumb, the thing's I could bake..."

Jo said...

This reminds me of Mick Inkpen's kid's book, Kipper's Birthday.

'Kipper had not made a cake before. He put some currants and eggs and currants and flour and sugar and currants into a bowl... Next he put in some cherries and stirred it once more. Then he rolled it with a rolling pin and looked at what he had made.
'I have made a flat thing,' he said.

Kipper squeezed the flat thing into a cake shape and watched it bake in the oven, To his surprise it changed itself slowly into a sort of a heap, but it smelled good.'

I was telling Danielle last night that he should travel the globe beinging joy to lonely ladies, but it seems that he's adding depressed dogs to his client list as well. The man is a saint!

Beth said...

Perhaps you could start him off with Shoggothh bread or maybe Shub-Nigurath's goat's-cheese scones?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Don't be sad, Caspian! You have the makings of an excellent prep-chef.

neve black said...

So cute, Janine. Poor baby. When is that paw going to be ready for long walks, and creating masterpieces in your kitchen?

Janine Ashbless said...

lol! Caspian says Thank You, everyone! He foot is looking a bit better already, although he is still limping. He welcomes hugs from everyone, being a typical greyhound.

The Kipper quote creased me up, Jo!
Funny thing is, I can remember doing exactly that myself, when I was little. And I too made a Flat Thing.

Janine Ashbless said...

P.S: There are no pictures, but you can read about the exploits of Pim - a greyhound who can open zippers and childlocked fridges - on his blog. (Start from the bottom)

Jo said...

Aw, Janine, you're a big sap. Pim's blog, indeed. Sweet :)

In the book, Kipper goes on to invite all his friends but mess up the invitations, so the friends don't get arrive til next day.

In the mean time, he eats the whole cake while waiting, and falls asleep on the table having weird cake dreams, and sleeps for 20 hours and all his dog friends show up with balloons - and cake!

I do love a happy ending...