Friday, 9 April 2010

Sweet Love - more details

Wheee! ... my contributor copies of the Sweet Love anthology have arrived, so I can tell you the complete lineup (I spent a lot of yesterday reading it, btw, when I should have been doing other things, like making my dinner, and sleeping):

  • Clearing the Air - Thomas Roche
  • Jump or Fall? - Janine Ashbless
  • Five Senses - N.T. Morley
  • Her Turn - D.L. King
  • Storming the Castle - Andrea Dale
  • (S)pan(k)cakes - Kristina Wright
  • Clothes Make the Man - Emilie Paris
  • Playing Rough - Kat Black
  • Searching for Her - Kay Jaybee
  • A Week and a Whip - Alison Wonderland
  • A Little Push - Felix D'Angelo
  • Dishpan Hands - Jan Darby
  • My Turn - Jude Mason
  • Do You See What I feel? - Theresa Noelle Roberts
  • Better Bent than Broken - Amanda Fox
  • Safe - Vanessa Vaughn
  • Bachelor's Dessert - Alison Tyler
  • Extreme Dogging - Dylan Reed
  • A Guy She's Never Met - Zach Addams

Nineteen tales of loving couples breaking out of the rut and trying out their kinkiest fantasies.  Kristina Wright's fantastic little spanking story even includes a recipe for the pancakes, lol!

In her foreword Violet Blue introduces all the stories. Her teaser for mine is: "Renowned and compelling author Janine Ashbless takes us backstage in a daredevil act where the layered characters draw us in and make us hold out breaths, as we anticipate what will happen if they "Jump or Fall" into their greatest sexual fantasies, and possibly love."

Sweet words! I posted a short excerpt from this story a few weeks ago. If you're interested, there is now a new page of notes on this story up on my website (scroll down the huge main page to the short stories section at the bottom to find the link) where I reveal and discuss Blayne's secret. And you can watch Violet Blue's own trailer for Sweet Love at the top of this post. Book Trailers are a cool idea!

It's out on sale now from Amazon US - UK readers still have to wait until May, I'm afraid.


Jo said...

Extreme Dogging? Could that be what my marriage needs? Yikes! :)

That sounds great, Janine. And what a lineup.

Janine Ashbless said...

Yes ... I'm not totally sure about Violet's suggestion that readers take inspiration from the book and try some of the scenarios out. I think that may result in arrests for indecent exposure!
Maybe just stick to reading to each other in bed...

Kat said...

Hoo, Janine, Jump or Fall? has to be one of my hot faves from this anthology. And, yep, like you I've been totally distracted by my shiny new author copy... really need to go take a cold shower now!

Janine Ashbless said...

Thanks Kat! And I thought "Playing Rough" was a really powerful and well-written fantasy!
A good thing we like each other's work, eh?

Kristina said...

I really must, must, must sit down and read my copy of Sweet Love soon! ;-) (The pancakes are good, even without the spanking-- promise!)

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm going to try the pancakes. They sound wonderful!