Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kink up your Kindle...

... as Alison Tyler put it. I'm delighted to see that most of my books are now available in electronic download format for the Kindle reader. If you happen to have one of them (and don't just spend all your time using it to pretend you have been beamed down from a starship to study the ways of this primitive planet, which is what I'd do) you can find a bunch of my Black Lace novels and novellas in the Kindle Shop. And most (the ones marked *) are cheaper than the paperback versions (which is not always the case with Kindle. I don't get why that should be, but it's true: sometime you pay more for the electronic version. Go figure.)

Cruel Enchantment $8.15
(my first collection of fairy/fantasy and horror shorts. Includes the infamous dragon-sex story and undead story. Ooh ... Looks like the paperback was reissued last month! How awesome!)

Dark Enchantment $7.67*
(as Cruel Enchantment, but a new collection. Ghosts and steampunk and the Devil and Death ...)

Divine Torment $9.69
(my first swords-and-sandals novel. In an ancient desert temple the arrival of a warrior tears the priestess' world apart...)

Wildwood $7.91*
(contemporary paranormal full of nature spirits and faeries and a bitter magical battle that will change the world.)

Enchanted $8.06*
(3 novellas. Mine is about a woman who goes off with a bear... It's okay, he's only a bear sometimes: he's under a curse, and boy does he needs her help.)

Magic and Desire $7.71*
(3 novellas. Mine is a retelling of the oldest myth in the world: the Descent of Inanna into the Underworld ... with added kink and BDSM.)

Ashbless on Kindle 

UPDATE: Electronic downloads in non-Kindle format, via Waterstones!


Jo said...

Ah, wantsies. There's something v appealing about the idea of a kinky kindle..

Which one was steampunk?? rushes off to check*

Janine Ashbless said...

"And Their Flying Machines"

Jeremy Edwards said...

Awesome! The more ways people can get their hands on you, the better. ; )

Jo said...

Ohhhh yeah.

All those steampunk pics on Tumblr are so very very cool. If I was young and shapely I would so be working the look.

t'Sade said...

Jo: I *love* steampunk myself. Well, that and goth, but I sadly don't have the figure for it either. *pout*

As for having stuff on Kindle, awesome! I think ebooks are where things are going to go and I'm really excited about it. I don't have a (nor will get) a Kindle for various reasons, but I'm hoping some days stories like these show up in other formats that I can use for my reader (which doesn't do DRM so its limited).

But, it is the future and I love that my library is building up quickly. I'm so happy for you that more people get to enjoy your writing.

Jo said...

pout indeed :/

I want a medium that beams directly into my brain.

Janine Ashbless said...

I want a holodeck!

And I'd definitely give steampunk a go on my holodeck. I just love the aesthetic. I even liked "Wild Wild West," but don't go telling anyone...

Jo - what tumblr URL should I be looking at for these pictures you mentioned?

Janine Ashbless said...

t'Sade - there are other electronic formats of these books available. I've added a link to the end of the main post.