Monday, 5 April 2010

Eyecandy Monday

Is it my birthday? This week people have been so generous and lovely ...

Jo has put up the most fantastic review of my short story collection Dark Enchantment on Amazon UK.  She says:

I've read Dark Enchantment slowly over the last few days, but if I'd had a choice I would have sat, consumed by it til it was finished. Thankfully Wildwood just arrived through the door this morning.

The first word that always strikes me as I read Janine's work is 'courageous'. The stories in this collection interweave myth and fantasy beautifully with fierce, passionate sex. They're gripping, they're scary, they immerse you in thier varied worlds, while still owning their own very different scenarios. "Ruby Seeds" is a perfect adaption of the Persephone myth, I can't imagine anything better.

Read this, and get drawn in to the frightening, evocative, creative and thoroughly erotic atmosphere. Janine doesn't pull back from the edge, she takes you right up to it.

I love this book.

What's more she titled her review "Ashblessed." You know how I love a good pun! And that's how I feel this week: blessed, in having friends all over the world.

Thank you!

Dark Enchantment on Amazon UK : Dark Enchantment on Amazon US


Jo said...


I just read Wildwood too. It's like you wrote it for me!

Chris said...

I'd forgotten it was Monday what with not having to go to work and everything. Otherwise I would have checked the eyecandy first thing.


Janine Ashbless said...

Yay Jo - funny thing was, I wrote Wildwood for me. The me who used to read the Narnia and Brisingamen books and then go looking in the backs of wardrobes and carrying marbles around in leather pouches, imagining they were gems of indescribable power I had to protect...

Hahah - there was no eyecandy first thing, Chris!

Jo said...

Ha, well, a lot of it sounded just like you too, of course. Forestry, eh?

But you weren't alone in your Narnia-ing. Imagine growing up without all those books? How different would are psyches be? They inform who I am and how I think and the role of imagination in my life so much.

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh, totally Jo. I'm not a Christian anymore but I acknowledge they had a massive effect on how I see the world. I think a childhood without the Narnia books would be ... desolate. And I love his (very unfashionable) writing style.

Though I still want to punch Aslan every time he shows up.

Jo said...

Yes. Aslan is sanctimonious.

I love that you want to punch Jesus.


Thankfully, due to my dogma-less upbringing, and my father who read me good things early, I was blissfully unaware of the Christian allegory until I was old enough to just shrug it off. So nothing got spoiled, I'm happy to say.