Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sweet Love is on sale

Waah - that took me by surprise. Sweet Love, the new short story anthology edited by Violet Blue, was originally scheduled to come out in April. But it's up there on Amazon US as of this week!

(Sorry - not due out in the UK until May, still ... though you can order it direct from Cleis Press, and they ship worldwide.)

The theme of Sweet Love is happy horny couples who explore their darker wilder fantasies together - threesomes, spankings, exhibitionism etc. So if you like a your hot fictional sex to be sweetened with a little love then this is the anthology for you. My own contribution, Jump or Fall? is about Izzy, performance artist and gymnast, who is crazy-in-love with Blayne and thinks he might ... might ... be just as interested in her. They're really close. They work together. They flirt. But he's holding back: he has a secret. Izzy is determined to find out what - and when she finally does, it is so frightening that she hardly knows how to react.

Let me tell you, this was a scary story for me to write too. I was dealing with a theme I was not at ease with, and exploring my own fears and doubts as well as arousal. I also thought I might be overstepping my right to comment on the subject. But when Violet Blue said she "really, really loved it," I could breathe again.

Here's an excerpt:

‘It won’t work.’
‘I know something that thinks it will.’ I’ve already burned my bridges. ‘This big hard cock of yours thinks we’ll do just fine together, doesn’t it?’ I press against him to make my point, and he certainly makes his, right in the wall of my belly. My cunt flutters greedily. He shifts his hips, his eyes darkening. He’s holding my hand really tight.
‘Believe me,’ he says hoarsely, ‘it’ll not work out right between us.’
‘Based on what?’
‘Then just fuck me,’ I whisper. ‘I’m a big girl, you know: I can handle a one-night-stand without going off the rails.’ I’m not playing fair either, pulling his hand from my bare shoulder down to cup the orb of my breast. He thumbs my nipple instinctively, sending electric flashes through my skin, and I moan.
‘Izzy...’ He sounds desperate, but he doesn’t break. There’s something weird going on here.
‘Are you scared you’ll hurt me?’
Something flickers in his eyes. ‘Far from it.’
‘Then what’s the problem?’
He drags his hand from my tit and secures both of mine against his chest where I can’t do anything naughty with them. I lean into him instead, my thighs burning against his. ‘Izzy, I have this thing...’
‘I know. I can feel it.’
 He grins without any amusement. ‘There’s this thing I do. It’s ... a part of my life. It doesn’t come as an optional extra. And it’s not something you’d be at all happy with.’
‘What?’ For the first time doubt seeps into me. ‘This is a sex thing, is it?’
‘Oh god. Is it something illegal?’
He shakes his head. ‘No – Consenting human adults only. I promise.’
‘But you think I’ll freak out?’
‘It’s ... difficult to understand.’
‘So you’re kinky.’ I swallow, trying to be blase. ‘I can handle that. I’m not a prude.’
He pulls a face: disbelief.
‘What is it? You like to wear women’s underwear? Lick feet? Ah – it’s not nappies is it?’
He laughs, and then shakes his head.
‘Then what? What’s so bad I won’t even be able to work with you?’
‘Can’t we just leave it?’
‘Too late for that.’
He shuts his eyes for a moment. He doesn’t take a deep breath, but I feel something in the twitch of his muscles. I recognise it: the moment you decide to jump.

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Beth said...

That is one hell of a cliff-hanger, Janine!!

Jo said...

Oh, nice cliff hanger though :)

Wintersinger said...

LoL! You're such an evil tease!


Janine Ashbless said...
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Janine Ashbless said...

Mwa ha ha!

Thank you. I am evil, and my object is, of course, to force the whole world to buy the book so that you will all be infected by our dirty stories and become evil too. Then all men will wear goatee beards and all women will wear leather corsets and thigh boots - and I will be very happy.

That's my plan, anyway. What d'ya think?

Chris said...

If only all evil in the world was as seductive... But if the triumph of evil turns out the way you suggest, I'm going to sit here and do nothing.

Justine Elyot said...


I'm so intrigued - what a wonderful set-up. And I won't find out the answer for aaaages, boohoo.

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm still waiting for my author copy, so I'm feeling frustrated too!

Ow. What a day. I spent two hours talking to a builder and then I dug a pond. I ache.

Emerald said...

Wow, what a compelling excerpt, Janine. And just your description of the story had me feeling intrigued enough!


(Also...I love corsets and thigh-high boots. ;))

Janine Ashbless said...

Thanks Emerald!

I think my New Improved Evil has a lot going for it and could be very popular.