Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is Me...

... Well, no it isn't, obviously, except in my more pathetic fantasies ... The ones I don't write about. But I am off to Angkor Wat.

Yes, I've got nearly 3 weeks skiving from useful work of any kind, while touring round Thailand and Laos and Cambodia. I'm all set. I've started on the malaria tablets and had my rabies shots and even blagged a swine-flu innoculation yesterday. I'm all a-quiver with excitement, and ready to swing on creepers and run into walls and go "Oof".

But I won't be able to get online. Aargh - 3 weeks with no blogs and no mail!

When I get back on about 7th December I will be year older (though I doubt any wiser) and have plenty of photos to inflict on you - as well as the usual eyecandy. Plus I will be able to judge the winner of my book cover competition!!! So don't forget to enter that - closing date is the 2nd December.

Look after yourselves. See you later.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Have a wonderful time!! We'll miss ya.

Chris said...

Have a Great Time.

And, if you like Lara Croft, check out Rhona Mitra from the film Doomsday. Everything that Lara Croft has got, with an eyepatch.


(OK, maybe I lied about the eyepatch, but she *should* have one).

Wintersinger said...

My inner archaeologist (who looks surprisingly like yours, btw) is so insanely jealous!!

Have a fabulous time! Can't wait to see the pictures.


Justine Elyot said...

Have a wonderful time, Janine - you've definitely earned a break after the last few months.

neve black said...

Oh, wow! How exciting! What fantastic opportunity.

I sent you an email message yesterday and I'm realizing it will be probably sitting in your in-box for awhile. Oh drears.

No worries though. It was nothing to go on about. It was simply that you were the winner of the million dollar prize money - no biggie. :-)

Have a great time!

Emerald said...

Have a beautiful trip Janine!! Safe travels!

Jo said...

Enjoy, take care, have fun!

I've heard there's better broadband on the beach in Thailand than there is in Ireland, so who knows!

Be careful not to flip hidden switches, and if you suddenly hear a rocky trundling noise approaching, run away form the giant rolling boulder, run away!

Madeline Moore said...

fabulous. Give Thailand my love,
Sawatdee, Krong Thep.

xoxo Madeline

Anonymous said...