Saturday, 13 June 2009

Not Really a Movie Review - Wolverine

Okay, so I FINALLY got round to seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine this week, about 8 billion years later than everyone else. Bear in mind that I like the X-Men but can't abide the Wolverine character because he's 1) indestructable and 2) basically a bully.

To my shock - and shame - I really enjoyed it. I sat through the opening sequence thinking "This is great! But any second now I'm going to get bored and irritated." Only I didn't ... all the way to "Weapon 11" anyway.

Maybe I was just in the right mood. Maybe it's because they actually managed to portray Wolverine as a sympathetic character for once.

And certainly Gambit helped:

Though to be honest I fancy the cartoon version of Gambit a lot more:

Now that is the mark of a geek!


Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

Cartoon Gambit is sexy! A little bit like Sawyer from Lost.

But I hated Wolverine. Even with Ryan Reynolds in it and Hugh Jackman's rippling body all over the place, it turned me right off. Found it not fun and too plot-hole-y.

Janine Ashbless said...

I expected to hate it, I admit. Maybe my very low expectations helped! I had hopes for Terminator 4 and thus didn't end up enjoying that much at all.

A major drawback with these origins stories is that you know how it has to finish. I mean, Wolverine can't kill Stryker or Vincent/Sabretooth because they turn up in later films. And they have to wipe his memory at some point for the same reason. Boo.

Anyway, looking forward to Red Cliff this week - and have no idea how that one is going to end - except probably in tears because it's a Chinese drama.

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

It must be the expectations thing, because I was ready to loaaathe Terminator, and I really liked it! Something came back to me from 1 and 2, too- the fact that the Terminators really scare me. When that half a termintor was clambering after him in the helicopter wreckage, I was jumping around like fat in a pan.

Thought Anton Yelchin was excellent as Kyle Reese, too. Acting with his teeth!

But agree about the origin story thing. Especially when handled how it was in Wolverine, with them trying to cram things in just to reset it. Couldn't they just have left a longer gap between those events and the events in X-Men 1?

Lucy Felthouse said...

I loved the film, especially the naked Hugh Jackman parts. And I'm so glad you liked Gambit too, I fancied the pants off him too! Yumm!