Friday, 19 June 2009

Krod Mandoon

Well, I hope everyone with access to the BBC or Comedy Central has given Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire a shot. It is very silly. It's also a measure of how mainstream fantasy has become since Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood etc that a parody of the fantasy genre now appears in a primetime evening slot, sneaking in geeky references to Magic:the Gathering rules. Of course having Matt Lucas play the villain overlord Dongalor didn't hurt any.

Krod Mandoon is the leader of a band of resistance fighters which consists of a dumb ogre, a warlock who isn't actually capable of magic, a pagan warior woman who shags anything that moves and The Campest Man In The World. We are not talking subtlety here.

Krod Mandoon himself is heroic but a bit of a doofus.

He's in love with Aneka, but can't cope with her freewheeling attitude to sex. See her rather impressive Raccoon Festival dance here on YouTube.

And the whole show is littered with the most godawful smutty jokes:

"I must return to Uncle Zanus."

"The prophecy was passed to me orally ... and anally."

Okay so it's not exactly highbrow, but what the heck. It's fun. And I did the personality test on the official website and it turns out that I am Dongalor:

Lovably sociopathic, vain, volatile, and easily distracted, your penchant for cruelty is rivaled only your ambition to seize the emperor's crown.

It's a fair cop.


Chris said...

Ha! We love Krod Mandoon and spend the time playing "which member of the band are you". Although my pagan friend fears that it rather gives his faith a bad name.

(And I came out as Zezelryck)

Madeline Moore said...

Gawd. Living with Felix has introduced me to a sodding pile of Britcoms, and Lust Bites added even more. I might have to draw the ine at Krod Mandoon, though...

Madeline Moore said...

that would be 'line' as in 'I might have to draw the line at Krod Mandoon.' Dunno if we get it...yet...we *do* get the new Law and Order, British style, though. Inneresting.

Janine Ashbless said...

Chris, surely anything that gives the message that pagans are happy healthy shagmonsters is good publicity?

Madeline, I don't know why anyone bothers with British cop shows. US ones are just so much better. Nobody could describe Krod Mandoon as quality fantasy ... still, it kicks 10 shades of crap out of that rancid mess of a Dungeons and Dragons film.