Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dark Enchantment - story 3: And Their Flying Machines

The third story in my new collection Dark Enchantment is a steampunk romance - a whole new genre for me! The story includes some coercion, so you have been warned.

Plot: Victoria City is embroiled in a war. Charlotte is a nicely-brought-up young aviatrix who, much against the wishes of her parents and fiance, persuades the dour and burly Chief Engineer McGregor to allow her to fly for the ornithopter corps. But the night before the critical battle, when they are alone, the Chief inexplicably turns on Charlotte...

‘Oh now. Don’t you go disappointing me, your ladyship.’ His pelvis pressed against hers and she found it difficult to believe how heavy he was; how hard. His hand worked her breast, more teasing but equally as implacable. ‘You’re no coward.’

She tried to reply but he kissed her words away like he would eat her protests. Then he drew back. His breath was hot on her lips, his grey eyes boring into her brown ones. She didn’t understand why her body was responding to none of her commands, why it was awash with heat and as limp as boiled laundry.

‘Have you ever touched a man’s prick?’

She whimpered.

He abandoned her breasts to fumble at the fly of his trousers, popping the buttons. His lips curved tauntingly. ‘Have you touched Lord Atherstone’s prick?’

She couldn’t answer. The world made no sense to her anymore and the room was spinning away into darkness. The only thing in her world was his hard body and his hard eyes and the hand that was taking hers and guiding it to his crotch as he released his proud erection.

‘Was it like this, then?’ He folded her fingers around an incredibly hot thick length of flesh and she shook from head to foot. Comparing Lord Atherstone’s slim dart to this thing was like comparing a Skylark Celestial to a gunship.

‘Ah.’ For a moment the fire in his eyes dimmed, as he visibly enjoyed the sensation of her fingers on him. ‘Lass.’ He smiled. ‘You should take a closer look.’ Stepping away, he pushed her to her knees in front of him. She came eye to eye with his flushed and turgid cock.

Charlotte now discovered that men of the lower orders did not shave their body-hair. His balls nested, bulging, in dark curls. And his member – well, she had only a prior knowledge of Freddy Atherstone’s to draw upon, but if this was a typical working man’s cock then it was as honed and strengthened by labour as the rest of his body. A spill of clear moisture slicked the swollen glans that thrust from his foreskin.

‘Like it?’ His voice was misleadingly tender. ‘Not too indelicate for you?’

Then he pressed her to his crotch, rubbing her face in his scent, on the stiff pole of his arousal. He wasn’t particularly cruel about it, just very thorough - as if he were marking her. When he’d rubbed every inch of the contours of her face with his prick he stroked back her tumbled fringe with his fingers. ‘Put it in your mouth.’

Charlotte obeyed him. He was the Chief and she was a pilot. He was in control.

She’d done this before. She'd done it with Freddy. When they’d been playing tennis together or dancing, and he was limping with arousal, he liked to shoot his seed into her throat. Freddy tasted yeasty and sour. Chief McGregor, she found, as she wrapped her lips around the blunt plum of his cock-head, tasted of smoke and machine oil and salt. He spoke, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying because of the blood roaring in her ears. He pushed himself deep into her mouth, down to her throat, until he found the point at which she choked, and then he pulled out again. She laved his slit with her tongue, no longer thinking or trying to think.

Next excerpt on Monday, but don't worry: there will be Eyecandy too.


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Janine Ashbless said...

Really? I shall rush out and buy it straight away - your irrelevant junk mail has convinced me.