Thursday, 29 January 2009

Back to the Here and Now

Whew! - that was a lot of smut. Normal service has now been resumed.

Under cover of the Dark Enchantment posts I have been busy, I promise. I've written a short story (6K) for another Black Lace anthology, and that was subbed yesterday. I've played a number of games of Spider ... (What do you mean, that's not work?)

And I've been racing - or at least lurching - toward the conclusion of Heart of Flame, my Arabian Nights erotic romance. The sidebar gives my goal as 85,000 words but I am going to exceed that: I reckon I've got two chapters to go, or about another 8K. My hero and heroine have got it together at last, declared their mutual passion, and had a night of lurv in the desert. Now they've had a huge falling out and are making their seperate ways toward the climactic fight with the djinn. Will they be reconciled? Will they rescue the princess, against impossible odds? Will there be a happy ending?

Not unless I get my finger out and get writing, there won't.

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