Sunday, 14 December 2008

Oh Bokhara

Anyone keeping an eye on my wordcount in the sidebar at right might have noticed that my WIP novel Heart of Flame has stalled this month at 60,000 words. That's because I have 3 short stories to write this month for various anthologies. I've actually written and subbed 2 (one to Cleis, one to Ravenous Romance) already and the big one (6000 words) for Black Lace is about half-done. If I can get that out of the way I'll only have one 6K story to write in January.

Not that I'm going to get it finished today (my in-laws are coming round) or tomorrow (2 sets of friends to visit). But there is a faint chance I'll get back to my poor novel for Xmas. Sod presents - I just want time to write!

So in the meantime I have stranded my hero and heroine in ancient Bokhara, as pictured, in the hands of an evil vizier. Is there any other sort, you might wonder?

And having researched Bukhara (modern spelling), Uzbekistan is now on my holiday wish-list!

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