Friday, 26 December 2008

2008 in the rearview mirror

This is one of my favourite pictures of the many posted to Lust Bites last year. I thought he deserved another airing.

This is the best book I bought - a big art coffee-table book about The Orientalists, by Kristian Davies. (I did not pay that ridiculous 2nd-hand price!)

2008 was a terrible year for movies in my opinion - there were a lot of okay-not-bad ones (The Dark Knight, The Day the Earth Stood Still etc) but few that I really loved. Eloise Pasteur, friend and cinema-buddy, has a pretty full list of the films we saw together here. My top 5 favourites (and see how different our opinions are!) were (ranked by how enthusiastic I was after seeing them, not by their value as art):

The best new song I heard all year was this one:

The TV series I was happiest to discover was:

2008 was also sadly the year we lost our beautiful Forest to cancer. Still missed.

Here's to 2009...


jothemama said...

Oh, that's a pretty greyhound! I'm sorry :(

I just popped by Lustbites and was horrified to see it's over! Thanks for including me in your list of regular commenters - I've had year of being not-quite-myself, post baby, though the baby's 17 months old this month...

But I hope you all get together again for more fun stuff.

Best of luck for 09!

Jo x

Janine Ashbless said...

Hiya Jothemama - nice to hear from you again. I did gather you were a bit busy... :-) How you find time (or energy) to blog with a toddler around I don't know!

We have a replacement greyhound for Forest. So far this Xmas he has peed on the bed, stolen a load of food and thrown up twice. Love 'em...

Susan D-L said...

Janine, a Happy New Year to you, and my sympathies on the loss of your beautiful greyhound. Have fun with your new boy, he's clearly in good and loving hands!

Wishing you much success and enjoyment in '09, writerly and otherwise.