Friday, 1 August 2008

Dark Angel Reviews

Dark Angel Reviews have been reading the Black Lace paranormal novella collections - and they love 'em!

First of all Magic and Desire (including my novella The House of Dust) got a 4 pixies out of 5 rating (= "this was really good and left me wanting to read more very soon").
Becky Gaede described HoD as "a truly magical read" and said I had "a wonderful mind" - read the full review here.

Then the new collection Enchanted (out this week!) got the ultimate accolade - a Dark Angel Recommended Read which is, like, 6 out of 5 (= "something we will re-read again and again and rave about to everyone").
Amanda Haffery describes it as "one of the all time best [anthologies] I've ever read" and says of my novella Bear Skin: "Hazel and Arailt are red-hot and the passion that broke loose when they were alone together - It was like someone hooked them up to dynamite." Read the full review here.

So thank-you, you Dark Angels!

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