Monday, 11 August 2008

Vampires Under Cover

Thanks to some nifty detective work by Kristina Lloyd (thanks Kristina!) we have a sneak preview of the cover of Lust at First Bite, the Black Lace vampire short story anthology. At time of writing this cover isn't even up on Amazon, but the book's due out in the first week of November and I think it should be a great collection.

Mmmm. Nice cover...
My contribution is the 2nd-ever vampire story I wrote: The Blood of the Martyrs, set in Venice and featuring a Christian vampire (thus allowing me to have a pop at two targets at once, the cynical might say!).

And here for your delectation is the first ever vampire story I wrote. It's not long:


‘Trust me,’ he says.

I trust you.

‘You know I love you. With every beat of my heart.’


He ties me to the bed and pours kirsch into my navel. Lapping the liqueur, he kisses his way up me. I quiver at each sweet impact. His mouth is like fire. He kisses my nipples and they tingle, burning. Runnels of kirsch trickle down the soft swells to pool on my breastbone. I cry out with need.

He slides his body over mine, mouth cherry-sticky, cherry-red. As his teeth shear into my flesh I realise: he has no heartbeat.

© Janine Ashbless


kristina lloyd said...

Cherry is nice. I remember that from Lust Bites (the blog!).

When I last searched for this book on Amazon it said: Do you mean lost at first bike?

Um, no.

Janine Ashbless said...


It could be worse. "List of fast bikes." "Last and first rite."

I actually think the title's quite cute. It must be hard to think up new titles for vampire books by now!