Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Proof at last...

I've got them in my hands - the proofs for Dark Enchantment! Whoop!

Not a single change was requested to my manuscript as handed in. And having read through the proofs once I can see only a few peripheral alterations* (My wayward grammar has been whipped into official shape, and a number of "cunt"s have become slightly more decorous). Do you know what this means? - Finally I have managed to get a full-on Minotaur story accepted by Black Lace!** Yep. After all these years!

Gosh. I have finally learned to fly under the radar.

Rather unfortunately my family are visiting this week. Believe me, close reading of pornographic proofs with one's parents and a 5-yr-old nephew hanging about the place is rather tricky. But I've got to do it somehow...

*Well, they got my name wrong on the title page. But it's not the first time and at least I have a chance to point it out before going to print, unlike in the 2nd ed. of Cruel Enchantment!
**Not to mention the story about the Devil. And the gang-bang story.


kristina lloyd said...

When I got the proofs of Split back, I actually added lots of 'cunt's. I'd been quite restrained when writing it, having heard BL had gone all shy and nervous. And I was trying to find a balance of hot bad stuff, thinking Well, if I go easy on cunt, they might not complain about the gangbang, the DP etc.

But the lack of cunt felt wrong for my style. As far as I can tell, they accepted all the ones I added. Go on! Put back the cunts they stole!

Congrats on your minotaur! Does Dark Enchantment have lots of girl on girl action? The cover is rather lesbian for a het imprint, no?

Good luck with proofs and parents!

Janine Ashbless said...


Yes... I still haven't made up my mind if that cover is f/m or f/f. There's no girl-on-girl in the text. Oh well!

I am asking for one of the cunts to go back in! You'd like that particular story Kristina: 6 military men, one slave, as rough as all hell. I am really really proud of it. DP? Hah! DP is nothing.

And I'm proud of the minotaur story too - not just because it pushes the envelope: because I think it's one of the best I've ever written.

kristina lloyd said...

*6 military men, one slave, as rough as all hell* Oh yum! I like that lots.

I squinted at your cover with m/f eyes and I can see how the person with a slightly bigger nose could be seen as a man, just about. But it's confusing. I think you should go round the bookshops adding stickers to say 'Contains lots of cock'.

Janine Ashbless said...


That's a brilliant idea! Sometimes I've wanted to go round with stickers that say "ignore the cheesey cover: it's much better than that, I promise."