Monday, 28 April 2008

Wii Wii Wii All The Way Home

Well, I might as well announce my retirement from writing now, because this weekend we bought a secondhand Wii.

I am incredibly crap at computer games normally. I do not have the ability possessed by, say, the average 5-year-old, to commit a flurry of key-presses to motor memory: I have to think consciously about every key.

Nor do I have Mr Ashbless' persistance. I'm just too egotistical to cope with failure. If I haven't managed to get Lara to run up to the edge, jump, grab the ledge and climb up by the 3rd attempt, I just snarl "Stupid bloody game!" and go do something I am good at.

But the Wii has the advantage of using intuitive motor memories and natural movements. And I can actually do that! It's so cool! So I suspect I will be spending far too much time from now on boxing, playing tennis and ten-pin bowling.

Plus I bought a couple of games. (Both carefully selected as suitable for "Ages 3+") . Endless Ocean allows you to swim around a beautiful tropical sea and befriend fish, which is about the level of my actual socialising skills. Sea Monsters: a prehistoric adventure is similar but you get to be eaten by Lipurodons as well, so I'm gearing up to that one.

Publishing deadline? What deadline?

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