Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Rajko Radovic has done his stint as Sidebar Guy for a week over at Lust Bites, so I thought I'd put his photo here for more permanent display. It's just beautiful.

Sadly I haven't got a bigger version of this picture. I could do with one, say, 3ft by 2ft for the back of the bathroom door (currently occupied by a 300 poster). Sigh...

Rajko of course came to public notice as a contestant in the anthropology/martial arts reality show Last Man Standing (broadcast in the US as Last One Standing). He's a warrior, a world record breaker in a strength/endurance category, cute, fit as hell and an all-round nice guy. He's also a singer/songwriter and I only went over to his website 'cos I fancied him, but was surprised to find that actually I really really like the music. I hope he realises his dream one day and we can all buy his CDs.

He's got 4 songs available as free downloads ... Go on, let them grow on you.

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