Saturday, 12 April 2008

"Magic & Desire" - first glimpse

Woo-hoo! My contributor copies of Magic & Desire have arrived today!

This book is a collection of 3 novellas with magical/paranormal themes by three of the Lust Bites crew - myself, Portia Da Costa and Olivia Knight.

Portia's story is called Ill Met By Moonlight and is a contemporary tale of a Fairy who falls for a human woman - and has only a month to work out what to do about it or lose her forever.

Olivia's is a fantasy tale, The Dragon Lord, about a princess with a serious problem: she breathes fire when confronted with an untruth. And about a dragon rider on a mission to save the human race.

And mine - The House of Dust - is set in ancient Mesopotamia, and is the dark story of a priestess who descends into the Land of the Dead to return her murdered lover to life.

The book is officially available from 1st May, I believe, but can be pre-ordered from Amazon as per usual. There are going to be features/excerpts on Lust Bites during the week starting 5th May, and we'll be giving away free copies so don't miss out!

It looks great, I think. I'm busy trying to read through the whole thing without, you know, getting RSI or going blind...

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