Thursday, 5 July 2018

Mr Straw's House

This ordinary-looking townhouse in Worksop hides a secret - it's a time capsule from the 1920s! The Straw family moved in in 1923, and when the father died in 1932 his widow and two surviving sons made a decision to change NOTHING. When the last son died in 1990, the National Trust acquired the house and all its contents, down to the coats hanging in the hall and the medicated toilet paper. And it's all still there to see:

The 1920s an era that I'm fascinated by for horror-gaming reasons. But the other reason I love this place is that one of the brothers was a total book-hoarder :-D

He'd buy them, read them, wrap them in newspaper and then store them underneath the furniture. It all looks embarrassingly familiar:

This is exactly what my house would have looked like if I'd been born a bit further back and more eccentric.

You have to phone ahead to book a tour of Mr Straw's House - see details here

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