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Blue Monday: Samantha MacLeod guests

Every Monday I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today I am delighted to welcome Samantha MacLeod back to this blog with an excerpt from her new book Winning Freyja's Cloak. She describes the story as "hands down, the filthiest thing I've ever written," and SHE DEDICATED IT TO ME! Woohoo!

Freyja is the most beautiful woman in Asgard, and she has no shortage of lovers.

But when Loki shows up on her doorstep, he’s after more than just her legendary beauty.

Loki asks to borrow Freyja’s feather cloak, the magical garment which transforms the wearer into a falcon. At first, Freyja is reticent to let go of her treasure. However, when Loki promises to show her something she’s never seen before, his offer proves too tempting to resist.

After all, what can Loki the Trickster possibly do to surprise the most experienced lover in Asgard?

“Turn over,” Loki said.

His voice was low and gentle, with just enough authority to make my insides curl with anticipation.

“Keep the blindfold on.”

I shifted, rubbing my naked skin against the cool silk sheets covering my mattress, and the scent of orange blossoms danced across my nostrils. A little purr of pleasure slipped from my lips.

“You always like the orange oil,” I said.

Loki didn’t respond. The sheets rustled and, a moment later, his hand closed around my ankle. Very gently, he pulled my leg to the side. The mattress shifted beneath me; I guessed Loki must be kneeling between my legs. I wiggled my hips a little, hoping he was enjoying the view.

Again, he took longer to touch me than I expected. I listened to the hiss of his breath, the soft splash as he poured oil into his hands and then rubbed them together. The scent of orange blossoms grew stronger as the oil warmed between his palms. I bit my lip, trying not to let the anticipation kill me.

When he finally did touch me, he began with my ankles. I moaned in frustration, eliciting another soft chuckle.

His hands moved up my legs at a glacial pace, and the hot wash of relief I’d felt after my first orgasm faded before another wave of lust. I arched my back, rubbing the hard points of my nipples into the sheets.

“My lovely Freyja,” Loki said.

His hands were on my thighs now, and I was seriously beginning to consider bringing a hand to my own clit, just to relieve some of the pressure.

“Do you still want something you’ve never had before?”

It was my turn to laugh.

Loki and I had spent hundreds of nights together, sometimes laughing, sometimes fighting, but always fucking. He’d had me in every way I could imagine; with his hands, his tongue, his cock. In my mouth, my sex, my ass. We’d shared lovers, and sometimes we’d even been part of an enormous group orgy with dozens of naked men and women, sweating and panting and coming together.

After all this time, there was nothing we hadn’t done.

“Oh, just fuck me,” I growled.

“Of course.” I swore I could hear the smile in his voice.

His oil-slicked fingers finally brushed my sex. I moaned and bent my knees, offering myself to him. A moment later the wet heat of his tongue pressed against my ass, dancing across the split of my cheeks.

I flinched, grabbing the silk of my sheets in my fists. Oh, damn, I should stop him. This was dirty. This was filthy, this was wrong—

Dark heat flowed between our bodies, making me pulse with need. His tongue dipped lower, forcing me open as his hand crept between my legs, brushing the bud of my clit. I was trapped between his hand and his mouth, wracked with pleasure so intense it was almost shame.

Loki shifted, pulling his lips away from my ass. A moment later his long fingers slid between my cheeks, massaging the dark whorl of my anus. The ecstasy surging through my body deepened and intensified, as though all the sensual energy between us was drawing together, focusing on his fingers and the tight entrance between my cheeks.

I no longer needed the blindfold. My eyes squeezed closed as my face sank into the silken sheets. I tried to breathe long and slow, relaxing every muscle in my body, letting myself unfold into the pleasure.

Although I’ve never had a shortage of lovers, I don’t let many of them explore my backside. It’s one thing to spread my legs and ride a cock, or let a beautiful woman slip her fingers into the hot slit of my cunt. But my ass, where the potential for pleasure lies so close to pain? No, only the most patient and talented of my lovers are granted access to that terrain.

“Very nice,” Loki purred as his finger slipped inside me.

My body seized with pleasure. I was panting now, my heartbeat racing in my ears, unable to focus on anything but his touch, the feeling of being filled, so perfectly filled. He pulled out to rub more orange-scented oil into my skin, then entered me again, with more fingers this time. At the same time, he reached around me to press softly against my swollen clit. Heat rose in waves, emanating from the places he touched, filling every fiber of my body.

Oh, fuck, I was close. I was already so close.

“May I?” His voice sounded strained, as if he were working hard to hold himself back.

“Yes,” I moaned into the sheets.

The hot, hard head of his cock pressed against my stretched and oil-slicked entrance. I took a deep breath, then forced myself to exhale. It felt good to have his cock nestled between the cheeks of my ass. It felt—

His hands tightened around my thighs, tilting them upward. A heartbeat later something hot and hard slipped between the wet folds of my cunt just as the head of his cock began to press into my ass.

“What the—?” I yelped, pulling back.

My hands flew to the blindfold, yanking it off my eyes. I spun around to see Loki kneeling behind me. Beads of sweat stood out above his brilliant blue eyes. My gaze dropped to the hard muscles of his chest, the flat plane of his stomach.

And his cock.

No, his cocks.

Between his legs, the smooth, hard curves of two identical cocks rose to meet me from their nest of fire-red hair, one just above the other, their ruddy heads already slick with oil.

I opened my mouth, closed it, opened it again.

“What the ever-loving fuck?” I finally managed to stammer.

Loki’s grin widened. “Oh, my dear Freyja. You didn’t possibly believe you’d seen all my tricks, did you?”

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Born and raised in Colorado, Samantha MacLeod has lived in every time zone in the US, and London. She has a bachelor’s degree from Colby College and an M.A. from the University of Chicago; yes, the U. of C. really is where fun comes to die.

Samantha lives with her husband and two small children in the woods of southern Maine. When she’s not shoveling snow or writing steamy sex scenes, Samantha can be found teaching college composition and philosophy to undergraduates who have no idea she leads a double life as an erotica author.

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