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Blue Monday: Kay Jaybee guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is the award-winning Kay Jaybee with a teaser from The Fifth Floor- the re-edited and revamped version of her BDSM novel previously titled, The Perfect Submissive. Kay says "It has been over five years since the first novel in The Perfect Submissive Trilogy was first released. It felt high time therefore, that I took the entire series off the market, gave its words a brush and polish, and invested in new covers, before releasing it into the wild."

Hidden behind the respectable façade of the Fables Hotel in Oxfordshire, five specially adapted rooms await visitors to the fifth floor. Here, Mrs Peters is mistress of an adult entertainment facility pandering to the kinky requirements of its guests. When she meets Jess Sanders, she recognises the young woman’s potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff. All it will take is a little education. Under the tutelage of dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with an erotically demanding training schedule and a truly sexy exercise regime. But will she come to terms with her new career? Meanwhile, Mrs Peters is temporarily distracted from her intimidating rule over Fables’ fifth floor by artist, Sam Wheeler – who she believes can help her in her mission to transform Jess into the perfect submissive…

Satisfied that her pupil was now paying attention, Miss Sarah returned to the client, who was lying perfectly flat on her back on the examination couch. Raising the woman’s head, Miss Sarah undid the ponytail, and placed a cushion beneath her head. Black hair hung loose around the pillow, making Madam appear younger and more vulnerable. Then, operating a previously unseen catch from under the bed, Miss Sarah pulled out a wide PVC strap and passed it over the flat stomach, fastening it beneath the opposite side of the bed. Jess could see that it was being pulled very tight, for the white band was digging into the flat sun-tanned stomach. It was as taut as an elastic band ready to snap.

Madam didn’t make a sound as Miss Sarah took both her arms and levered them high above her head, so they were stretched out beyond the support of the couch. Tying the wrists deftly together with surgical tape, Miss Sarah left them hanging unsupported, before moving to her customer’s ankles.

Jess held her breath as Miss Sarah pushed her guest’s legs up and outwards at the knee, so that they were almost off the bed. Then, with more surgical tape, she attached each ankle to Madam’s thighs, trussing her up so that her channel was fully exposed and vulnerable.

The clerk could only imagine how uncomfortable the woman must be, yet it was clear from the pertness of her dark brown nipples, and the light sheen glistening around her pussy, that she was excited by her lack of control.

Silently checking each of the bindings she had put in place, Miss Sarah said, ‘I am ready. Remember, to stop this session early you must say “Quit”, no other word will end this. Yes?’

‘Yes.’ As she confirmed her readiness to begin the game, Madam’s tone, and the increased rise and fall of her tethered ribcage, told Jess just how keyed up she was.

‘Very well.’ Miss Sarah adjusted the sound system, and flooded Room 53 with the soothing strains of Beethoven. Then she opened one of the white cupboard doors and brought out a metal tray of medical instruments.

The moment she saw them Jess’s stomach contracted. Surely Madam didn’t get off on that, did she?

A speculum, medical gloves, and a tube of lube lay on the tray. Immediately Miss Sarah snapped on the gloves, but rather than picking up the metal tool that Jess associated with uncomfortable yet essential smear tests, Miss Sarah began to stroke a single latex-covered finger over and around the tethered woman’s mound.

The sound that came from the businesswoman’s lips was dark and yet full of relief.

Jess shot her gaze from Miss Sarah’s busy digit, to Madam’s face and back again. The grey eyes were closed and her thin red lips were firmly together. A trickle of sweat ran between Jess’s shoulder blades as she observed the scene. Her PVC outfit was becoming stickier by the minute, and she could feel her tits chaffing against the inside of the costume. Shuffling her feet, careful not to alert the others to her fidgeting, the booking clerk tried to ignore the jealous ache of her pussy as Madam began to react more obviously to Miss Sarah’s ministrations.

Unable to move her hips or stomach properly, their guest’s buttocks rose marginally, and her arms swayed a little behind her head. A protracted groan escaped from her closed lips as Miss Sarah added a second finger to the first. Moments later the groan developed into a low whimper, as Madam struggled not to beg Miss Sarah to put something inside her.

Suddenly Miss Sarah stood back, causing Madam to gulp with loss. ‘I believe,’ the mistress said slowly, ‘that Session B doesn’t allow you to make more than “reasonable noise”. If you make a row like that again, I shall have to gag you.’

Rather than protest, Madam nodded like a chastised child.

Standing to one side of her guest, Miss Sarah placed one gloved hand back over her clit, and the other on the very tip of her right breast. Jess’s nipples grew in aching sympathy as the skilled fingers of the pseudo-nurse played over the tip, caressing it in a fashion designed to drive the recipient to distraction.

Madam’s intense expression of concentration doubled as Miss Sarah continued to work. Her body began to shake, making faint sucking sounds against the strap. The blue paper that covered the bed had stuck to her back, and tiny dot-like tears had gathered at the corners of her shut eyes.

Jess, her own fight against arousal having been given up almost straight away, wondered if she could have withstood such treatment without climaxing already, or without at least begging for permission to come. She suspected not. Not brave enough to turn from the action in case Miss Sarah noticed, Jess tried to decelerate her rapid breathing by thinking about something else, but it was impossible. She was just contemplating what would happen if the client did beg for some attention, when a weak voice from the bed said, ‘Please ...’

Miss Sarah instantly ceased her attentions. ‘Please?’ Her voice was stern, ‘To end this, you say “Quit”, otherwise you are not supposed to speak.’

‘The next stage. Pleaseeeee ... I ...’

Jess studied both women’s reactions carefully. Would Miss Sarah oblige? After all, Madam was paying for this.

‘A few more minutes I think. Then, perhaps I will continue to the next stage. If you are good and quiet.’

The tears that had gathered at the corners of the fake-patient’s eyes ran freely as Miss Sarah returned to her torturous rubbing. The nipple that hadn’t been touched was stiff with neglect, but the one receiving all the attention was bright red. As Jess watched, she was sure she could see the skin was beginning to crack. Yet it was how Madam hadn’t climaxed beneath the glove at her crotch that fascinated Jess the most.

The woman’s torso was rising up and down, her breathing was laboured and her hands were clasped together above her head. Jess couldn’t help speculating how heavy her arms felt as they hung off the bed. She glanced at the clock on the wall, another minute had gone by and the perspiration on Madam’s forehead had spread to her neck.

Jess bought her palms to her own chest. She couldn’t help it. The fabric under her palms was hot, and her nipples were trying to break out on their own as her chest swelled beneath the uniform. Cupping her breasts Jess failed to contain the sigh of relief her body gave at the brief hit of physical contact.

Miss Sarah regarded her sharply, her face darkening, but she said nothing as Jess guiltily dropped her arms to her sides.

Three more strokes of the sore nipple and the dominatrix stepped away from the bed. Once again the abrupt cessation of stimulation made Madam cry out. Saying nothing, Miss Sarah picked up the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount between her fingers. She was about to administer it to madam’s pussy when she stopped, ‘I realise this is a deviation from your scenario, but I will allow Miss Sanders to distract you if you wish. I am ashamed to say it appears she cannot be trusted to just stand and observe as I had hoped, so she may as well be of some use to us.’

Madam, her skin flushed with red blotches, had no saliva left in her mouth with which to speak, but inclined her head a fraction, her eyes shining with a lustful desire that belied her exhausted state.

‘Miss Sanders, come here.’ Jess didn’t hesitate. ‘I am about to add the speculum. This can be a little uncomfortable; I’d like you to take her mind off things by suckling the neglected globe.’

Jess moved to the opposite side of the table and stared hungrily at the pert globe, which seemed to stare back at her beseechingly. She felt a moment of panic as the two women waited for her to act; Miss Sarah with impatience, Madam with a quiet desperation. Knowing that the fact she’d never pleasured a woman before wouldn’t be considered an excuse for delay, Jess leant forward and engulfed the nipple between her lips.

Some previously hidden instinct took over, and Jess was surprised to discover she knew exactly what to do. Swirling the pleasantly rough areole round her mouth, a frisson of satisfaction flooded her as Madam moaned with delight. Building in confidence, Jess brought a hand to the breast, stroking the underside in a way she knew she would enjoy herself, while her tongue and lips glided over the malleable flesh.

Madam’s body stiffened and Jess assumed the lube must now be being applied. She could imagine all too well how it would feel to have the freezing gel pushed up inside her hot snatch, perhaps with one finger, maybe with two or even three. Jess’s pulse tweaked up a notch and she closed her eyes, taking her own craving out on the flesh between her teeth; biting and pinching, making Madam squeak with pain and shake with longing.

The clatter of metal against metal told Jess that Miss Sarah had picked up the speculum. Then an impulsive jerk from the bed forced Jess to open her eyes. She saw Miss Sarah easing the fearsome medical instrument in place. To try and divert Madam’s attention Jess slowed down her licks, making them strong and steady, amazed as the nipple tighten further as her teeth grazed the tip.

‘Miss Sanders.’ Jess stood up at the sound of Miss Sarah’s voice. ‘Here please.’

Jess couldn’t contain her sharp intake of breath when she saw their client’s slick channel stretched so wide; wrenched open by the gadget in Miss Sarah’s hand.

‘Madam likes to get off on lack of control,’ Miss Sarah said in a hushed whisper. ‘The sensation of being completely empty and open, when all her body wants is to be very, very full. That’s what does it for her.’

As Jess’s forehead creased in confusion, the mistress added, ‘I see you don’t understand, but you will in time.’

Then, with a swift push of the speculum deeper into her client, making her squeal as it reached its capacity, Miss Sarah dropped to her knees. ‘I do not want to damage Madam internally in anyway, so I will be gauging her movements carefully.’

Jess said nothing, but stared, aghast, at what she was seeing.

The tense silence, punctuated only by Madam’s stilted breathing, was abruptly broken. ‘Make the girl strip.’ The words were stilted and broken between pants of air, but there was no denying what had been requested.

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Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO.
Kay was also nominated as the Best Erotica Writer in 2013 and 2014.
Kay has had over 100 short stories published by Cleis Press, Black Lace, Mammoth, Xcite, Penguin, Seal, and Sweetmeats Press. Kay also writes contemporary romance as Jenny Kane

You can follow Kay on Twitter- @kay_jaybee

Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at her Website
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