Friday, 15 December 2017

Blogtour roundup #2

Leon Bonnat: Jacob Wrestling the Angel (1876)
"Wrestling", huh?

The second week of my Prison of the Angels blogtour wriggles to an oiled and panting climax today, with some help from Writer Marketing Services😈

Last week saw an interview with my heroine Milja, so this week airs character interviews with sexy, screwed-up heroes Egan (over on the F dot Leonora blog) and Azazel (at Adriana Kraft's place).

"You know when you have a crush on a character? First let me say that Janine Ashbless is a magician, this series is so compelling and more time for me to spend with my crush, Egan!" - F Leonora Solomon

Punya Reviews takes a bird's-eye view of the international locations I used for this novel.

I ask Lisabet Sarai "WWJD?" and promise to really upset my mother with the answer.

And I confess my secret feelings about writing "The End" on this trilogy, to Ian Smith.

GIVEAWAY: All posts on this tour sponsored by Writer Marketing Services include a Rafflecopter competition to win a £20/$20 Amazon voucher - so go to the posts and get clicking!

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