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Blue Monday - the award-winning book

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Today I'm posting an exclusive excerpt from the newly-republished Named and Shamed, because it has just been named a winner in Erotica for the Big Brain's BEST OF 2017 💝💖💝
(As was In Bonds of the Earth, btw - that's TWO accolades for me and Sinful Press!)

"Since its initial publication in 2012Janine Ashbless’ Named and Shamed has attained the status of a modern erotic classic. It is apropos to cite the title for this year's Best-Of list, as the author has recently re-issued the book in a new independent e-book edition. Named and Shamed is a relentless, orgiastic tour de force, a groaning board of pansexual delight unencumbered by the sort of repetition or slacking off in intensity that dooms so many full-length erotic novels." - Erotica for the Big Brain

Fairy tales were always thought to be childhood fancies. That is until the fairy folk returned.

As the closest thing to an expert on all things otherworldly, nobody knows better than Tansy the dangers of Them There. But with the world thrown into chaos, and another’s life in her hands, she has no choice other than to accept a magical offer of help. And as Tansy soon finds out, there is always a price to pay for dealing with the Fairies. A price that may include her own life, if she can't find the True Name she is looking for.

So begins a descent into the wildest realms of Faerie - and into the darkest depths of Tansy's own out-of-control desires.

“Have you ever shared a guy before?”

We shook our heads. Despite all that we'd done together over the years, we hadn’t done that.

“Sweet.” Vince’s grin was beyond disguising now. He pulled his shirt off over his head, revealing an athletic, nearly hairless torso that gleamed in the firelight as if polished. His hand brushed his abs and down over his belt to the bulge of the erection already tenting his jeans. I guess he could be forgiven for that hard-on, considering what he’d had to witness earlier. “You want some of this, girls?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I answered gratefully. Gail stood up and kissed my cheek.

Oh thank you, thank you, god of horny Tansys! thought I. Thank you for broad-minded cousins and dirty-minded boyfriends!

“Then let me see you kissing, girls. I want to see that.”

We swapped a smile — an odd mixture of playful kink and shyness — and moved into an embrace. Gail’s lips were soft beneath mine, her hips narrow, her little breasts achingly soft and sweet, her skin fragrant. I always feel that handling her is like handling a kitten. She feels so small and delicate compared to the men I’m used to, like I’ll hurt her if I’m not careful. But I also know she’s quite capable of whipping out her claws. I admit we put on a bit of a show for Vince, knowing how much he was appreciating what he saw. We got a kick out of arousing him, let’s face it. We sighed and giggled and murmured as we slipped buttons and tugged down zips and slid each other out of our clothes. The firelight lit a warm glow on our bare flesh, painting it rosy as if we were blushing coyly. We made sure he got a good eyeful of our bottoms and thighs and boobs as they bounced into view, and of the caresses we bestowed on all those parts. I smacked Gail’s ass, delighting in the sound it made, and she squealed with pleasure and wriggled up against me in a way that sent a fresh surge of arousal through my already melting body. Our breasts nestled together, soft upon soft. I sank my fingers into her bum-cheeks and bit her lower lip.

“Kiss her titties,” Vince said hoarsely. “Kiss those big, beautiful tits, Gail.”

Obediently, she grabbed an overflowing double handful and pulled them right up so she could fasten her mouth on them. Her tongue left my skin glistening.

“Oh, that’s hot!” he groaned.

Her kitten teeth were sharp and her tongue an unmerciful tease; the pain was exquisitely judged. I could feel my legs growing weak. I gasped and arched my back to ease the strain on my flesh, as she pressed my orbs together hard and caught both my nipples in her mouth at once, nipping me till I squealed, “Oh fuck, Gail!”

“Poor Tansy,” she crooned, licking those swollen points roughly. I could feel myself about to fall. My wide eyes met Vince’s over her head.

“Come here, girls,” he ordered, tugging at his belt buckle.

She let go of me with a show of reluctance, but we were both more than happy to try a new game with the body he offered us. Smirking and utterly naked, we crossed to where he stood on the mattress and snuggled up to him, our breasts rubbing against his bare chest. I heard the sharp intake of his breath, and then he kissed Gail tenderly, slipping an arm around each of us and pulling us close. His skin was warm and firm and the masculine smell of him was intoxicating. His palm cupped my butt. I licked the lobe of his ear as I awaited my turn. Then he kissed me, and his hand snuck into the crack of my ass, one fingertip playing with the pucker of my hole.

A reminder of our kitchen conversation, I thought, as his tongue poured over mine. My head swam.

“Yo, bitches,” he teased, grinning, as he came up for air and surveyed us both.

“Yo, dawg,” we laughed back, but I was at least half in earnest. I was more than willing to be his dirty bitch if he’d be my big stud dog and mount me. My pussy was already ripe for the taking. We kissed him, nuzzling against his bristly cheek, licking at his throat, sliding our hands over his chest and his stomach, plucking at his jeans buttons, stroking his cock through the denim. That member of his was as solid as tyre rubber.

Please fuck me with that, I prayed.

But it was Gail who took the lead. And it was only polite to let her. I followed, falling to my knees with her as she wrenched open the last fly button and released the beast. It sprang out proud from its cage, just as magnificent as I remembered from our illicit fooling around, weeks before. In unison we moved to pay homage with our mouths — lapping eagerly at his balls, kissing that shaft, licking its beautiful length all the way up to the tip. Our tongues entwined as we fought for the privilege of sucking on his turgid bell-end, both of us hungry for his meat, our kisses half-competitive and half-loving.

Vince put a hand on each of our heads, his fingers raking though our hair. I guess it must have been quite a sight from his angle: the blonde and the redhead kneeling before him, peeling off his clothes and mouthing passionately at his erect cock. Our pale skin and wet lips and half-closed eyes.

“Halle-fuckin-lujah,” said he hoarsely, as if he’d seen the light. Holding us in place, he slipped his cock first into Gail’s mouth and then into mine, pushing right to the backs of our throats as if testing the fit. I sucked joyfully. I’d never met a cock so stiff.

Gail lifted her lips from his scrotum. “Do you like my boyfriend’s cock?” she asked me in a sweet voice.

I licked it from root to crown, making it bounce and weep salty drops upon my tongue.“I love your boyfriend’s cock,” I assured her.

“Think you’re ready to take it all inside your pussy?” she wondered.

I swallowed eagerly. “I’m ready to try.”

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