Friday, 28 July 2017


If you are a reader or writer of smart, literate erotica or erotic romance (and if you aren't, what are you doing on this blog, HEY MUM?) ... you might like a look at a new site called Cleverotic / Cleverotica, which is trying to set up a readers' database of such books:

If you like a little protein with your escapist cotton candy; if you think smart is sexy and brawn needs a brain, sate your psyche and your senses by delving into the literary offerings showcased here. is for lovers of intelligent, steamy romance and scorching-hot, smart literature.
Owner Evelyn Bliss is asking for people to nominate books they've enjoyed reading, or have written, so do go contribute.

And of course if you are a fan of erotica that titillates the brain as well as the naughty bits - it's always a good idea to check out Erotica for the Big Brain's annual best-of lists.

Happy one-handed reading! 😁😈😍

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Evie Bliss said...

Hi Janine. Thanks for spreading the word about We hope the site is a place where readers can discover new authors of wonderfully cerebral, entertaining and fulfilling books exploring all forms of erotic content. It's so lovely drawing together authors that write with passion, about passion. To me, the melding of the literary with the erotic is the ultimate in a truly satisfying read.
Thanks again.
Cheers, Evie Bliss