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Blue Monday: Jennifer Denys guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Jennifer Denys, with a M/m piece from her story To Claim a Mate, which is the first in the Balls and Chains shared-world BDSM shifter series she's curating:

Cole Linley is a gay wolf-shifter. In order to appease the Alpha within, he has taken up the BDSM lifestyle and become very experienced. This placates his wolf to a certain extent, but his dearest wish is to find a mate—male, of course. Except, the question is, how to find one in a city surrounded by humans where other wolf-shifters are rare.

Then, one night, he enters Balls & Chains, a BDSM club he frequents, and immediately senses another of his kind. And not only that, it is the scent of a potential mate, Jared Gray. There is only one problem—Jared is collared by another Master.

Jared’s relationship shows all the signs of an abusive relationship. Can Cole get him away from the other Dom and show Jared the delights of BDSM when done properly and what it means to be a beta wolf to Cole’s Alpha?

“Okay, my gorgeous sub, lie back on the bed holding on to the bars at the top.”

Jared glanced. The head of the bed had horizontal metal bars. Immediately he wondered how many other men had been tied there, and then felt Cole’s hand turning his chin to look up at him.

“I have had no other submissives here.”

“H—how did you know what I was thinking?”

Cole smiled. “For one thing, your face is very expressive. For another, after two wolf-shifters mate, there is a mental connection. It’s not that I can read your thoughts, more your emotions.” He laughed. “And they are now telling me to stop talking and make love to you.”

Jared’s heart leaped at the words. Surely if Cole didn’t care for him then he would’ve said, ‘have sex’?

As Jared scooted back and gripped the bars, his Master took hold of the sub’s legs pulling them apart before kneeling in between.

Cole ran his hands along Jared’s thighs and up his body as he moved to lie atop the younger man.

“Please stop waxing or shaving. It doesn’t feel right. It’s not the wolf way.”

Jared smiled. “Whatever you say, Sir.”

Peppering kisses over the sub’s chest, Cole then licked his neck, being gentle around the bite. Jared quite liked the mixture of human and wolf traits.

Making his way up to Jared’s face, Cole grinned as he made Jared reach out for a kiss, then pulled away. “Soon, my lover, soon. First, there’s something I must get.”

Jumping off the bed, Cole strode to a gym bag on a dresser. When he returned, Jared could see he carried some lube.

“It may not be necessary even though we are no longer in wolf form. However, you could be sore from earlier.”

Cole once more proved how caring he was. As Cole lathered the lube onto Jared’s backside, the sub groaned. Not because he was tender but because it felt delicious.

“Like that, do you?”

He nodded in response, suddenly unable to breathe as he panted in anticipation.

His Master threw aside the lube and pushed Jared’s legs up to his shoulders. Jared felt something press against his back sphincter. Since he was in this position, he was able to look down to see Cole’s massive cock push slowly into him. He was mesmerized by the fact that it appeared to be black. Although, his own penis and balls were darker than the rest of his body. Maybe it was a wolf thing.

Coherent thoughts then fled Jared’s brain as he experienced a sensation of all the space inside him being filled—pleasure bordered with not-uncomfortable pain.

Then, Cole was fully inside him. “God, you are so tight. I can feel you wrapping around me,” Cole finished his exclamation with a groan. With only a moment’s pause, the Dom started thrusting, retreating, then plunging once more hitting all the nerve endings Jared had inside him. It was bliss.

He tried lifting his butt up to meet Cole trying to urge him to go faster, but from this position, he had no leverage. His Master put his hands on either side of Jared and leaned in, using his weight to hold Jared’s legs in place. The rigid length of Jared’s erection prodded Cole’s stomach. “Just enjoy it. Let me do the work.”

Relaxing in to the fact that he couldn’t do anything else, Jared was conscious it was just like being restrained. It wasn’t necessary to be tied to have the sensation of someone else being in charge.

At that point, he gave in to the sensations—Cole heavy on top, pushing inside him, getting faster, nerve endings fizzing, breathing faster, grunting, sweating, balls getting heavier, seed rising and then Jared yelled as he spurted semen over their chests.

“Yes!” growled Cole as he gave a few final thrusts into Jared’s throbbing butt, releasing his own seed before pulling out with a shudder.

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Jennifer Denys is a bestselling author in various genre (BDSM, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, with historical and fantasy in her works in progress) with several different publishers.

An Englishwoman through and through, she lives in a beautiful historical city and is game to try most things once. She’s had a tattoo done on her calf, flew down zip wires 100 feet up in the trees, and was photographed nude by a professional photographer. All of which have taken place since she turned 50!

Many of her experiences end up in her books… but you will have to read them to find out what!

Do contact Jennifer – she loves to hear from her fans at She posts to her blog three times a week and is on Facebook daily.

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